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Flea products

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Is the Front-line, that you can order on the internet the same as what you get at the Vet?
One site I use is having a sale now on flea products.
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I think they are the same. I get mine on line and they work OK for me.
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I believe they are required by law to be the same if they are marketed under the same name.

That being said, Advantage is, IMO, better than Frontline...
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Ok,thanks. I wondered about Frontline being as effective, could be thats why its on sale.
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I found by ordering online sometimes for a cheaper price, you get products that arent for the US. I ordered some and got a product made for the UK and it seemed a little wrong to me for an online store to be selling products here in the US made for another country, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt getting a fake product so I sent it back and demanded my money back and ordered from 1800petmeds, and got the real thing. It was little more expensive but there wasnt a shipping charge. I like Advantage the best too.
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I whitched from advantage too frontline. I can't tell a difference. They are so similar. I was told by my vet that frontline was new and improved from advantage. I think they both work.
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I'm allegic to all things chemical. Frontline is the only flea product I can tolerate. My vet said it was the best for our dog who is allergic too.
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The primary difference between Advantage and Frontline is that Frontline kills both fleas and ticks, and Advantage just kills fleas.

I use Advantage for the cats because for fleas it just seems to be more effective, but I use Frontline for the dogs because they get ticks, and they swim (Frontline is also more water-resistant, but who has cats that swim?). My cats don't pick up ticks, but if you ever see any, try using Frontline.
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A vet told my aunt that the advantage and frontline is not the same as you get from the vet...she said its not as effective but not dangerous. I order mine online and it works fine but I will be sure and discuss this with her in September when I go.
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I just ordered Frontline online. I still have my old boxes and I will compare them ingredient by ingredient.

I live in Texas where ticks can be picked up at any time, along with Lyme disease.

My kitty doesn't exactly swim, but he can't seem to leave water alone. He plays in the shower when anyone is showering. I think its a game to see how close he can get to the water without getting drenched. He still ends up wet.
So Frontline's water proofness may be the best thing for us.
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Both the Advantage & Frontline I've ordered from the Internet are exactly the same products that I've purchased from the vet. If you haven't used Advantage or Frontline before it might be a good idea to buy a package from your vet so that you'll be able to identify what you're buying from the Internet, though.
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