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Stepping in their own feces.

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I have two male Bengal kittens (now 4 months and 3 months of age). Since I brought them home from the breeder, they occasionally will poop in the litterbox then back up and step right into it, getting it all over their feet and inbetween their toes..

It's really a pain in the butt, washing all the poop off of them, especially since they hate being washed! When I don't catch them right away, they track the poop all over the carpet for a while before plopping down somewhere...

Any ideas?

Is this just a kitten thing? Will they grow out of it? Any way to stop it?


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It is pretty common of a problem usually resulting on the kittens not staying with mom long enough to learn litter pan manners. Kittens should stay with mom till they are at least 12 weeks old.

Using a lot more litter and a bigger pan will help, but they just sometimes have to grow out of it. Just don't use clumping litter until they do grow out it- what a mess that would be once you get them their feet wet. Try putting a tray of warm soapy water nearby with just a little bit of water in it- like a second litter box. After they use the litterpan, throw a few toys into the warm soapy water and see if they will go in after it and slosh around without you having to scrub them off. Make it into a high energy game for them and give them a treat after they get out. Then all you have to do is wipe their feet on a rag. Just use a few drops of Dawn liquid detergent in the water to break up the waste.
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- sorry - ahhh MEMORIES. My Loki also a Bengal now 3 used to do that until he was about 1 year old. In addition I had the pleasure of wipping it off the bathroom walls, mirror, etc. since he used to shake his rear paws while exiting the litter box trying to get that stuff off him.

Has not done it since unless we have the occational loose poop issue. Switching to clumping litter from clay also made a difference.

Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck with your babies.

PS: This crowd loves pictures - hint hint hint
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well if it's pictures you want, it's pictures you will get!


My little photo album I keep adding pictures to it whenever i dump them off my digicam.

Thanks for the tips and encouragement! I just took Cyrus for his last vaccine, and they vet said he has DOUBLED in weight in like 3 weeks! wow.


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Also, Seven (the 4 month old guy) just recently started to TRY and go to the bathroom in my potted plants! What a jerk! I'm sure he just thinks the soil is like his litterbox.. I caught him trying to do it last night TWICE, and each time brought him downstairs and put him in his litterbox where he did end up peeing.

I'm going away for the weekend, so for the time being i duct-taped the tops of the pots so he cant sit in there. But once I get back I want to try to find a way to train him not to go in there, without duct-taping the plant pots closed.

Any ideas?
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OMG Kevin - they are so precious!!!!! Keep us updated on their progress and of course pics tons of pics Please!!

{{{{{kisses}}}}} to both your furbabies.

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Kevin very inventive - you are getting the hang of it. Remember you are dealing with cats that are brighter and much more inquisitive than the average bear.

Here are a few suggestions:

Try placing decorative rocks inside the planter making sure to completely cover the soil. It would be a good idea to replace the soil (if possible) to remove the urine scent as it will continue to be attracted to the plant as a place to go to the potty. Cat's do not like going to the
bathroom where they cannot scratch.

I have also found that if putting aluminum foil over the pots will keep kitties from digging in them. They hate the feel of it.

I suggest you place either ordinary table pepper or mothballs in the plant to help discourage urinating. This is safe and effective

Also, most cats hate the smell of citrus. Get a citrus smelling air freshener and spray the soil.

Good luck and have a great weekend.

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these guys are so smart...

ive already taught them how to:
play fetch with a paper ball

go for walks on leashes without trying to run off and freak out

give me kisses, and Cyrus takes it one step further and shoves his
whole head in my mouth and cleans all of my teeth! (btw, is this safe for me? or could i catch something from my cat? it seems kinda gross, but since I brought him home, Cyrus and I have been really close... and he seems to get lots of enjoyment out of it)

speak, Cyrus is a very vocal cat and has a different sound for everything. he sings while he eats, and greets me with a 'hello' meow. he also chirps (a cats way of grunting?) when he jumps onto things... and he growls when he catches his feathery toy, then runs off with it to claim 'the kill'

hockey! this game is so much fun! Seven will sit up on the top of his little scratching post / house and i will try to throw a ball into the hole, and he will bat it away with his paw every time! sometimes he gives it a real good smack and it'll go 5-6 feet
in the meantime, cyrus plays 'defense' and trys to get the ball from your hand before you can 'shoot'.

Hmm another question while I have it on my mind.. is it safe for them to drink out of the toilet? they love doing this... but i worry about bacteria and stuff. i usually encourage them to go to their water bowl. they also get into the tub and drink a bit of that water too...

thats enough for now time for lunch then im outta here and going camping.

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Loki is also a yente, loves to talk, chirp and even has a call that sounds like MAMA.

About the toilet drinking. Hmmm I ususally keep the lid down since I clean with bleach. The thing I would worry about most is them falling in hurting themselves and not being able to get out.
How about getting them a drinking fountain? I bet they would love that!!
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Here's a great drinking fountain dish we picked up for our kitties: They absolutely love it!

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ewe.... that's gross... i think it's a kitten thing. Mythie used to do it but she's older and wiser now...
You have such cute kitties...
cat flavoured fruit snacks

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Oh they are soooo cute! Ive never seen Bengals before. I love their coats
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