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I am owned by 4 Ragdolls and one Siamese mixed cat. My oldest Ragdoll (9.5 years old) named Momma is very aggressive toward other animals when let her outside. I let her out in nice weather while I watch her as she tends to wander. I let her out about 1/2 hour per day. My next door neighbor has a Yorkie mixed rescue that Momma will run right up to and challenge him to a fight every time she sees him outside. I let Momma in my fenced in backyard while I watch her the whole time. Bucky the dog came out side yesterday and ran up to the chain link fence because he smelled her. Momma saw him and immediately ran up to the fence and tried to swat him through the fence. Momma has been doing this to the dog for over a year now. Momma is 11 pounds while the dog maybe 15 pounds. The dog quickly backs down and runs away from her Last week I was on my porch at dusk with her and a possum that I have been feeding all summer happened to show up to eat some old pizza that I threw out for him. Momma quickly saw that possum and chased it off through a fence with me in tow laughing my !@#$ off. I wish I had a video tape of that one Momma is also aggressive toward squirrels and will chase them up trees. I have read 3 different books on Ragdolls and all three say that Ragdolls are very laid back and not aggressive cats and should never be let out unsupervised I just cannot figure out why Momma is so aggressive toward other animals outside? She is very mellow inside and is always picked on by my 2 bigger male Ragdolls (about 18 pounds each) .... Big Brutus and Shanahan? I know that cats are territorial by nature. Any ideas?