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*laughing evily* Yes I finaly have pictures of my furballs!!!! come take a look!

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One by one I will post them for you... almost 40+ pictures... hee hee hee

~ Salem
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The first one... but not least...

Hobo! She's My little furrbaby who had to have her eye removed.

~ Salem
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Named after the little creatures who love to dance and eat, Hobit follows in true form. He dosen't like to sing thought, making very little noise..

I'll be loosing him today, along with two other of his litter mates, Bunkie, and OB1 Catnobi, the intrepid explorer (more on him in a bit).

~ Salem
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awww kitties with black noses are too cute!
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Called "OB1, the intrepid explorer, he loves to explore. He was the first out of the litter of 5 to walk, climb, run, and well... poop.

He came to work with me, and immeadtly decided that everything had to be sniffed. I'm gonna miss him, because he's the 2nd of the litter mates to be leaving today.

~ Salem
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I've decided I didn't post enough of Hobo's pics... so here's another one .

~ Salem
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heeeeeeeeeeeeeres Bunkie!!

He's the last of the three male litter mates that will be leaving today. Out of all of the kittens, he's my fave.

~ Salem
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I'm gonna miss these little guys... I'm gonna miss them a lot...

~ Salem
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What a gorgeous fur-family!!

Salem, I'm going to move this out to the Lounge where everyone can see your babies. They are too cute not to share with the busiest forum.
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Aw they're so cute!! So sad they're leaving you
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and one of the girls now... (( I don't have all of my cats just yet... but JUST YOU WAIT! mwahahahaha.... ha))

This is Lynn.

She was named after me ((my middle name being Lynn)), because she complaioned so much when she was a kitten

it was her first time out of the house when I took the pictures, so she's obviously freaking out *chucking*

I managed to get her calmed down after a little while...

so she curled up for a nap...

~ Salem
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What sweet looking babies!

Kiss and scritch them for me!

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Coming soon...

Sonjyia- will she be cute? or a furbaby from heck?

Vagabond- The mother of the 5 rugrats, friend to Hobo the mighty.

~ Salem

PS- Thanks Val!
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*rainsing an eyebrow at the last post* why didn't that pic work?


maybe this time?

~ Salem
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for thoes who want to see the whole shebang, all of the pics I have so far, click Here and then click on "My Baby's".

~ Salem
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Wow! What gorgeous babey's
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You know, I have a soft spot for black and white kitties, and all those kittens just stole my heart! Of course, Hobo is gorgeous too, she just isn't black and white. LOL

(I fixed those two pics for you....they still had the .orig.jpg at the end that makes them not show up. )
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Those kittens are SOO cute! That's what I love about 'em--they all have that wide-eyed look that says "How ya doin"? I'm freaked to be here!" Each one sees the world differently!

I feel sorry for the baby who lost the eye. I saw that photo and started getting sympathy pains in MY eye. I hope she feels better. And thanks for the info about the lightweight cat collars---my crew always scream like banshees whenever I try to collar them. I think I'll try those.
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The one eyed cat is kinda freaky, but all the cats and kittens are ceeeee-ooote!
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Oh Wow, I love Hobo. She's a doll, and those kitties are so addictive!!
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Great pics! Can I ask what happened to the one kitties eye? I'm just curious...
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They're all sooooo cute!
I get waaaay too attached, I would never be able to part with ANY of them!!!!!
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They are all so beautiful1!!! Great pics!
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They are all so cute. The pictures of Hobo are kinda upsetting to me. I feel bad for the cat. I hope he can live a normal life.
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Adorable. Hobo is a very pretty kitty. What happened to loose the eye though?
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Well to answer the questions you all have about Hobo, She lost her eye about a month ago.

What happened was when she was very young ((about a month old, the vet told me)), she accedentaly gor a small sliver of glass in her eye. From there it slowly worked it's way (with each blink she took)into the retna until about a month ago her eye poped.

I know that sound gross, and trust me it didn't look to bad. When I took her to the vet 3 months ago, he said everything was fine, and that hobo's eye was doing ok (it had a slightly milky film over it).

The one morning I woke up and rolled over to give Hobo her morning hug and she screamed at me. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was her eye had deflated a bit.

That's when I knew it was poped, and I was in a panic. I had just spent almost 400$ to get all of the cats vacinated, and I didn't have that much cash left. I tried to call every vet I could find, but none of them were willing to do a payment plan (so I could give them my last 50$ and get Hobo back).

I finaly brok down in tears, and called the Humane Society, telling them my situation. They really helped me out and said of course I could bring her in. The safty and well being of the animal is more important to them than a few dollars.

2 weeks later and many tears later I finaly got her back. Her face looks a bit better now because all of her stiches have come out, and some of her furr has grown back in. She almost has all her whiskers back too!

I sometimes feel sorry for Hobo, but when I hold her in my arms and here her content purr... when she curls up with me in bed, and licks and suckles on my ear... when I come home from work and find her in a pile of toiolet paper, an almost smile on her face...

I feel happy, and glad that I can give her the kind of life she diserves.

Thanks for listening

~ Salem

PS- Hobo is female, just to let everyone know... I noticed a lot of "what happened to him?"...
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That's so sad about Hobo, but she looks like she's a soldier and will make it. My heart goes out to her.

I loved the kittens. It's been so long since I've had little babies like that. I want my kitties back! *sigh* Can't wait to get out of this stupid apartment so I can have them again.
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I know just what you mean about the Humane Society. Back in January my boy Bandit developed an inoperable urinary tract blockage. He was abnormally small down there, but I didn't know he was an accident waiting to happen. I was in a panic--I had just started a new job and barely had enough for lunch and busfare. When I saw him straining in the litter box I panicked. I called several vets (no luck), and then I called the Humane Society. I think that young doctor there did more than she was supposed to, but it was hopeless and I had to have him put down. Most of the staff there was extremely kind and compassionate. They didn't worry me about the money I owed them, either. I was so wrecked emotionally I didn't pay them back until two months later.

I'm glad Hobo feels better.
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all of your kitties are so pretty, i liked them all, hope Hobo gets along well with her eye problem, thanks for the pics.
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