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I cannot believe this.

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In good faith I sold a kitten to a breeder here in CA. We had some problems so I offered her a refund and she could return the kitty. It has really gotten out of hand so now she has written me and stated that she went to Wal-Mart and handed the cat to the first person that wanted it!!!

I am SICK. How could anyone just hand off a cat to a stranger and not even get a phone number or a contract for it's care???
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OMG do you think they really did that? that is awful exspeical if it is not fixed and that person is going to just breed it!
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She emailed me and told me she did it. I am heart sick. I have to take her to court and sue her as she defaulted on our contract. She did this out of spite.

It is a good thing I micro chipped my kittens. I will only have to contact every vet and animal control to give them the number and contact me if found.

I will also contact the micro-chip company and put my info into the chip.
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What kind of person is this? Why couldn't she just give the cat back to you if there were problems? I sure hope this person does not have any other cats or other animals.

How did you respond to her email, Teresa?
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OMG Teresa, what a miserable b!**h that woman is!!!! How could she do that, especially if she was a breeder as well?!?

Best of luck. Know that you and the kitten are in our prayers.
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OMG I am so sorry that she did this! That is despicable! That woman makes me sick and I can understand you being upset.
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This person is a breeder and lives in the Barstow CA area. She says to go ahead and sue her as she and her hubby don't work so there is nothing to collect.

She also has a boxer dog she keeps outside. She is also breeding the dog as she had a pup there when I had to collect my other cat.

It is a long story and if you would like more details PM me and I will pass it along.
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Well, there is always their house, car, other pets, etc that you can sue her for. You can perhaps get the other animals taken from her by the court and get a ban on her from owning animals in the future.
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She has sent me a ton of email and I have every copy of it. I would gladly take her cats, to give them a better home. She doesn't own her home she rents it. How I wish I could win the lottery just to buy the house she rents.
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Oh, I hope you do take her to court!! That way she will have a record so to speak, and if she is mistreating her other pets perhaps that can be stopped also. I wish you could get Judge Whopper(sp)

I wish you the best of luck with this and hope you get your kitty back.
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Teresa, heck, if I win the lottery, let me know her address and I will buy the property and sell it to you for a dollar, just so you have the pleasure of being the one to tell her she's evicted!
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Cool! The lottery is over $20 mil right now. The numbers come up on Wednesday. Cross them fingers.
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I do not know much about breeders, but don't they have to have a license? Get her license taken from her.
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The CFA doesn't interfere unless the animal is sick or neglected. Even then they can reapply under another name and continue over breeding or neglecting cats all they want. There isn't any regulations that have to be followed.

Hmm I wonder if PETA is interested in getting involved?
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Absolutely, contact PETA!
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got a question . Can you as a breeder just breed as much and as many cats you want to ? I know a breeder and she is over breeding , from a friend of hers I found out she has over 300 cats . And the 2 of the cats I got from her had a low immiun system (spelling ?) and passed away . The Vet ck them for everything , with other words inside out .I spent a lot of money for them by the Vet and was also heartbroken . One of the cats was my hubby's baby and he is still heartbroken over his baby , "Kikko" was his special cat . And also what can a person do to stop that over breeding . I would like to do something about that . I also have to say that I would feel sorry for that Lady , she is over 70 years old . I think that breeding is her income . Any info , thoughts ?
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Teresa, have you thought of going to the local press with this story? It is a threat I have used on more than one occasion with surprisingly good results.

Most local papers love an animal interest story - and I have to agree with all the others insomuch as this is a despicable thing to do, I know court action can be expensive, but surely it is worth it to know that she may have her animal licenses revoked and won't ever be able to do this to another animal ever again.
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