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Should taxplayers pay for a killer inmate's sex change?

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On fox new's today they had a spot about this. A man charged with the murder of a young man,now after 8 years in jail,he is sueing the state to pay for a sex change.
My a** He is saying now,he has always felt like a women!This is in New York.
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If he is convicted, then no. He has no rights.
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Thats what I think! If he really wants it he can pay for it himself. But then where do we put him after? A women's jail,or is he just doing this to there because it might be easier or safer there?
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OMG that is just crazy!
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Tell him Dr Bubba will take care of it for him LOL.
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Tell him Dr Bubba will take care of it for him LOL
LMAO, thats true!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Tell him Dr Bubba will take care of it for him LOL.

ROTFL! Guess he's gotten a little too used to having boyfriends in jail.

Sorry, but I don't think this person's "need" should be paid for by taxpayers!
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It's obscene.
He should be allowed to serve his sentence.
If he gets parole, or serves out his sentence, then when he gets out he can do it with his own money.
If he never gets out, too bad.

This stinks of some pathetic attempt to rally the transgendered, gay and lesbian communitie behind him.
If he does finally get his way, i think the citizens of new york should prepare themselves for a future where they'll be paying for liposuction operations, and face lifts for inmates.
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The idea of the state paying for this convicted killer's sex change operation is infuriating! What is this world coming to? It's gotten so bad I don't even want to pick up a newspaper anymore. Yeesh. How I long for the innocence of my youthful days.
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Does the state pay for anyone else to get the surgery if they aren't in prison? If yes, then they should do it, if they don't then he shouldn't get any special priviledges.
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I think they only pay for necessary surgeries -I am not sure though. I dont think a sex change is a necessary surgery though.
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Most private insurers don't pay for cosmetic surgery and states shouldn't, either.
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This must be a joke! He can do what he wants on his own but we as the tax payer whould not have to foot this bill.
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Absolutely not!
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WHAT!!!!! that is so wrong, i get so mad about things like this, i look at my pay check every week and see all those taxes, and i know there are nessacary programs and taxes has to be pad to keep the govet. going and states, but the programs for the people that just dont want to work she be cut all together. as for this well if they allow for something like this, i just dont think were gonna make it, i have heard it all now
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sounds like a solution to me!
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Tax payers shouldn't pay for anything for the inmates they should earn a living just like the rest of us. The prisons have tons of jobs that should be held by the inmates.
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to use for a little child burn victim to restore a face!
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womens prisons are no easier then mens. in most cases, womens prisons are worse.
he may be transgendered and most prisons separate these individuals from the general population along with the handicapped, ill, weak, and the elderly to prevent riots, fights, injuries, etc. the state should not pay for his sexual transition though. EVER! this is considered cosmetic. i have heard of prisons giving out hormone therapy though. but not the actual surgery. the state should not be concerned with cosmetic surgery. only surgeries that are necessary for the health and life of the inmate should be paid for as part of their healthcare system. but even healthcare in a prison system is paid for by the working inmates. if he wants to pay for it himself that is fine. but its not a necessary procedure. i know transgendered individuals who are pre-op and lead normal productive lives without having to be 100% one gender. they dress whatever gender they deem themselves to be. and they dream of going and getting the surgeries but these cost thousands of dollars. no average working individual can afford such luxuries. so why should an inmate be allowed such a luxury?
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Who are the people that even waste newspaper space on this kind of article? I think its just to get more subscribers!
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