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What are your hobbies

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Just wanted to find out what everyone's hobbies are?
My husband and I are members in a 1860 Living History Group. We go to Events throughout the year and "go back to the years of the Civil War 1860 to 1864" But to do this I Sew, that is my hobby. I sew all our clothes, dresses, bloomers, bonnets, corsets, pants, shirts etc. It may sound weird but sewing is relaxing for me.
For example last October we went to Perryville KY to an event and there were 5,000 of us camping and playing the part of that Battle and Living History and while we were there, spectators come to look at us and ask us questions about living during the 1860's.
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I do a lot of volunteer work, that's kind of a hobby, I do lots of writing and newsletter layout and stuff like that. Its kind of a hobby, because I spend a lot of time on it, and I don't get paid.

My fun hobby is clarinet playing. I started a group a couple of years ago, there are about 12 of us, all clarinet players, we get together every other week for rehearsal and play a few concerts a year.
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Hi Clara,

Here is the url to a thread started sometime ago by DragonLady about this subject: Enjoy!

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I thought that thread was more about hobbies that involve creating something.

Since I don't have a creative bone in my body, I never thought of contributing to that particular hobby-thread.

My hobby, BTW is horseback riding.
I have a Haflinger of my own, and a Fjord I share with a friend.
Because her Friesian mare just had a foal, we only ride the ponies at the moment.

Left-my friend on Sunny (Fjord), right-me on Marah (Haflinger)
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Beautiful horses! I don't ride anymore, but I do drive my two, and really enjoy it!
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I thought that thread was about crafts too. So I read it, but didn't post. After all, the leader was "post photos of your crafty ideas", or something like that.
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I love to play the guitar and do 3-D computer modeling. I'm not very good at either one, unfortunately!
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Cats and Kaleidoscopes! ...and Clara, that sounds really, really interesting!!! (And fun!)
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I love to rock hound, though we are newbies at it, to date we've gone to Montana to dig for sapphires, to Canada to the Rock Candy mine to dig for fluorite, to Oregon to dig for thundereggs, and to Republic, WA to the StoneRose Eocene fossil site where you can look for fossils.

We also love going on trips to photograph wild flowers, or gardens such as during the Skagit Valley tulip festival, and in general we are both working on improving the quality of our photographs.

If collecting is a hobby, I collect Harmony Kingdom treasure jests
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I love growing roses....and I just recently found out that I don't have a brown thumb after all.

I also like to do obedience training for dogs. My Nemo the Husky mixed breed is about to start his off lead training and agility classes in September. We are working on the commands that are used here now so he will be prepared when classes start.
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Before my Arthritis became severe, I was a breeder trainer and exhibitor of German Shepherd dogs.
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Despite my love for my cats - I confess to also flying airplanes - both models and full size (when I can afford it) - anyway, tonight I was stunned to find a web site with a photo of me on it - standing on a airfield in May, white T shirt, jeans and dark glasses with very close cut hair- never seen myself on the internet before - I look terrible - just scroll down until you see me and my name next to Martin from Sweden!¬!! I wont be flying for a while for sure.
I look fat as well! need to do some more body building...

What else do people do when not being bossed about by the bosses in the house?

still sore as hell
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Kev , you look great . And you do not look fat at all . You have cute little belly in my IMO
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Dancing - Ballroom and Latin
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So thats what you look like! Cool!
You do not look fat - I am sure your wife loves the love handles - I know I love my hubby's! I like my men cuddly.
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Oh I forgot, my hobbies

scrapbooking, walking, reading, movies, art, researching.
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I love to read in my spare time. I'm also a big fan of live music and quality time with my boyfriend!!!!
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I merged the two threads together so everyone can enjoy everyone else's hobbies-
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reading, taking pictures,then printing them out and putting in frames, which I collect.Hikeing.
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ummm hobbies ??? Well for sure cats and now I am a atic. to this site , I do little crafts like canvas , needle , crocheeing , gardening , colecting Angel figurine and also Cat figurine and Cat Windchime .
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Mine are drag racing turbocharged 4 cylinder cars, "3" fish aquariums, playing on the internet, and spoiling 3 cats extremely rotten
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