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broken wiskers

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My kitten tigger is growing so fast. But there is one strange thing about his wiskers. Majority of the wiskers on one side of his mouth are broken - just stubs coming out. And the other side is starting too... He is a rough player and chews out our house plants, loose wood trim in the basement, etc. He often got the big cat so annoyed that she would give him some serious whacks. I don't let him out and we have no kids who will think it's funny to cut kitty wiskers. My question is that can rough play cut out his wiskers? Or is this an indication of health problems?
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Just sounds like he is trying to get into spaces to small of him. If they are breaking on their own, they will grow back, it just takes time.
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Thanks Hissy. Tigger is such a spaz... I worry that he won't have any wiskers left in a few more weeks. I know cats use wiskers for balance and measure spaces... will he harm himself if all he has left are "wisker stubs"?
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Can he get to anywhere that as a pilot light? he may be singing them off.
Are the plants non poisonous to cats? There could be something in the sap causing them to weaken.
Are the loose boards painted? Is the paint lead based? This could also cause the kitten problems. If the wood is injested it could pierce the intestines.
I would kitten proof the house to keep these hazards away from your baby. Just my 2 cents worth!
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hum... is majestic palm poisonous to cats? He doesn't eat it, he strips around the base...

Tigger did have very bad reaction to his 2nd distamper and lukemia shots a few weeks ago - he was hardly moving for 2 days. I also went on vacation for a week. I think I noticed the broken wiskers even before the vacation but I am not sure.

Can the reaction to vaccines and / or stress of not having us around weaken him and cause wiskers to break? He is a happy and crazy kitten though - don't think he is sick now. He does have nasty farts But I think that's because he is eating so much and also steals Tiki's food shamelessly.
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I find a whisker or two here and there every so often.
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