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Heidi is cute as a button. I had to bathe her yesterday because of fleas etc. she was not a happy camper. She climbs on our bed at night and rests with us. There are times when she just sleeps and sleeps. she is three years old. should she not be a little peppy...
I do tell her do not go to the woods stay on the porch..this took me six months to train her. She sits on the porch like a dog..she does eat grass but goes back and sits..
Do u think I am doing the ok thing...the vet did say take the weight off she is heavy...that is what we are doing.She is funny she will climb under my hubby pjs on the bed...she performs for us.
Any other suggestions I should be doing.
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Heidi sounds like a great kitty! Don't you just love when they crawl in the bed at night
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Your post threw me for a minute, I thought it was directed at one of our moderators whose name is Heidi...
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heidi sounds cute!! anyway, to let her lose some weight, u might wanna try giving her some dry food that's meant to help with weight loss...my two fellas are taking science diet and it kinda helps to lose some weight here and there...also dun feed them unless it is their meal times...dun leave dry food in their bowl and clear away all unfinished food... it kinda helped my two fellas..meow meow is losing a bit and she looks trimmer now... whereas boy boy is still kinda plump...
give it a try..see if it works for heidi...
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LOL Mary-Anne, I thought it was for valanhb for a second there as well!

Heidi sounds cute

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