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what is your fav thing to do on the weekend?

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I love to just lay on the couch and watch a movie with my husband It is so nice!! Normally the kitties will come cuddle up and watch the movie to! Last night neo and stormy sat on rich's lap the whole movie, and tonight moemoe cuddled with rich and neo cuddled with me
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Hmm depends a lot on the weather. If it is nice out, I like to go someplace where I can enjoy the weather, like New Hope.

Otherwise, the best thing for a weekend is a combination of a good book, a comfy bed, and purring cats.
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on weekends, i like to just hang out at starbucks on a lazy afternoon for a cuppa good coffee and a good book...sat nights are usually spent with frens, out for dinner or a drink at the lounge...really just love to relax on weekends...
man, the weekend has just passed and i'm missing it already!
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I'm with you! I love laying on the couch with hubby and the cats and watching a good movie...or a bad movie...or just about anything as long as I'm with my "family"! I only left our house once today for about 20 minutes. Other than that I've been home relaxing and resting up for the work week!
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Of course we must remember to add soda, ice cream and chips to the list of things needed for a good weekend...
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Lay around with my bf and watch movies/play with Zoey
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the only time we left the house today was to go to petsmart
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Hmmm! The very best thing that I like to do on the weekends is snuggle with my Hubby...whether it be on the couch, bed or the sho...well you get the idea and the next best thing is playing on the computer. I think I have an additction to the computer and The Cat Site
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Relax, play in my garden, snuggle with Peachy and watch movies. Sometimes I like to visit a friend or two also.
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Originally posted by Shell
btw...did you realize you deleted your post?
I did realise, in fact it wasn't me.
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I spend time with my horses and catch up on reading. I also work on the newsletters if they are getting ready to go out.
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Ohhh someone said a nortie word

I love cat shows, snuggin with kitties, watchin tv hangin out with mates

that sorta thang
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Ummmm, since it's summer and no school evryday is the weekend for me now. So until college starts back up it's
100 bottles of Corona on the wall,
100 bottles of Corona,
take one down,
pass it around,
and by the time we relize we're singing this

It's nap time!!!

OH, and the beach with the doggy is fun for the daytime.
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Weekends, hmmmmm. Is that those 2 days between Friday and Monday when most people get to stay home or go do stuff? I always work on those days.
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Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Read. Cook. Surf the 'net. Relax. Sleep.
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Well - we usually have to do some work, or, especially in the summer we have to go hang out with customers. Gary's a GREAT BBQ chef (he's a fabulous cook, period) - and he's always "the entertainment." But we both hate doing all that.

Our dream weekend in the summer is a mostly sunny day with a breeze in the 70s... sleep in late, throw on shorts, head outside to read for a while... work on the lawn for a little exercise... (I said A LITTLE!) - BBQ something and head inside to watch a movie and hang with the cats...

(A few years ago I would have included sharing a good bottle of (red) wine... but Gary's become allergic or something, and we don't drink anymore.)

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I go out to eat for breakfast practically every Saturday with my friend Robyn. We will sit and talk from 1-2 hours. I then will usually go shopping with my sister or a friend.

A lot of times I'm invited to a friend's cottage that is on a lake. That is always a great weekend.

If it is raining, I like a good book and a cuddle with my furbaby Max. He loves it when it's raining or I am sick because we sleep and cuddle all day.

I also try to get some cleaning done sometime during the day or night. Although, this is definately not one of my most favorite things to do.
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