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Is my cat bringing me gifts?

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You know when cats bring you decapitated birds and limbless mice?

Well, my cat Meatloaf is a strict indoor cat (outside only when supervised)

She had her spay 2 days ago if it makes a difference.

She's never done this before, but now she's bringing me gifts. Not dead animals, but rather.. random objects.

A leaf she tore off of my plant, a piece of plastic wrapper she dug out of the garbage, a piece of stuffing out of a blanket the dog ripped apart. The cat toy she ripped off of the cat tree. The drawstring of my mother's jogging pants--with the pants still attached.

She brings them to me saying "MWOWOWOROEOW? MEOWOWOW? MEOW. MEOW. MEORWOROER."

LOUD wailing meows. Like the kinds of meows that females exhibit during heat.

Is this because of her spay?
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Both my girls do the really loud meow thing, usually with a toy in their mouth. It sounds like a mating call or something. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm curious to find out what others have to say.
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Our late cat, Deli, used to make a loud meow that seemed to be a call to play; she would bring her favorite toy into the loft and meow loudly and her kitten would race off to the loft to play with her mamma.
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My cat, Aya, is also a strictly indoor kitty. She brings me balls and toys. Like its a hint that its playtime already.
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I can answer with assurance. She is PROUDLY bringing you her "prey." If not to gift it to you, then at least for you to witness it and therefore praise her for being a most excellent huntress.

My Baby Bonnie does this with an assortment of very small, stuffed cats. She is SO proud of herself, and when I praise her for it, she holds her head up high, and looks even prouder, if that is possible.

(BTW, I laughed out loud at the drawstring - with the pants still attached!!! )
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Hahaha we did too when she came in the living room pulling them behind her!!

Okay, at least it's normal!
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Quite normal, Much (RIP), used to drag clothing all over the house. She yowled the whole way down. As she got older, I would leave out small hand towels so she had something she could manage. It was so cute watching her waddle as she dragged it between her legs.

Sometimes we would find sweatshirts wrapped around a banister at the top of the stairs. You could tell by the teeth marks that she really tried to bring it downstairs.
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Lola walks through the house, yowling with her fuzzy pompom balls in her mouth. Maggie fetches the wet washcloth as soon as it drops down the laundry chute, and yowls as she brings it back upstairs to me.
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As someone who recieves real gifts on the front porch mat regularly, I know the call they made annoucing it. And yes you describe it just right. Two of my inside cats do this as well, the outside cats daughter and also my male do it with their mousey toys and yowl and yowl around the house. I call them when I hear them and they bring it to me and drop it very proudly. I praise them just like I do when Ginger outside brings me chipmunks to the front door.

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Mine don't yowl, but almost every morning when I get up, there are toys on the floor next to my side of the bed. I think they bring them in hoping I'll wake up and play with them.
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