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Mucus around mouth, nose, eyes

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My cat, Shadow, has recently (and I mean, like in the past 3 or so days) begun showing signs of being ill. He hasn't been eating, but we assumed that he just didn't like the new food. However, today I noticed that he's got some mucus around his mouth and nose area. We are calling the vets tomorrow to see if anything can be done, so for now I'm asking for advice about what it could be.
We've had someone offer up the idea of RI, can anyone kinda/sorta confirm this? Also said that strong-smelling tuna food might get him to eat a bit. After 3 days, I imagine he's getting a bit hungry.

Here's a link to a picture.... I'm not sure of this forums rules just yet, so I hope I'm not breaking any ):

Once again, something I seem to be getting a lot of is take him to the vet's. Yes, I know this. However, it's a Friday night and I'm unsure if our vet will be open tomorrow, so we're trying to work out what to do in the meantime. We WILL call the vet in the morning, to try to work him in. In the meantime, what can we do to keep him comfortable/keep him from getting worse?
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DO you have a er vet clinic?
Please call your vet tonight ... one you can get a first appt and also usually there is a after hours number..

Gently wipe it away ... How long since he last ate
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Unfortunately, we do not. We'll try to get a hold on someone tonight.
I'll wipe it away just after I finish this response.
It's been... maybe 2 and half days since he ate last. Two different people feed him, so we weren't aware that he wasn't eating until we put our heads together and realized it. At the time, we thought it was just dislike of his new food, and had planned on getting some new stuff tomorrow, tiding him over on old food until then. He hasn't eaten that, either, unfortunately. He's not a good people food eater, either, so we can't even get him something to nibble on with that, either. Although, at a time like this, we couldn't sure that wouldn't just make him sicker...
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was just curious if you ever found out what this was your cat had i have 2 cats doing the total same and your pic looks just like my cats and what is going on with them the only diff is they both still eat

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Hi Cassandra. Could be your cats have a cold or upper respiratory infection. The vet could tell you for sure and give them antibiotics if needed. Are your cats sneezing a lot?
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they have but not a whole lot

he is still eating and every thing just has all this drainage out his poor lil face

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