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look what I just bought!

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I've been looking at cars, for a while and saved up some money, for a decent down pmt. There was a parking lot sale, today and we went to look. Someone has finally convinced me that, as much as I love old cars, I need something newer and more reliable. Therefore, I am now the owner of a 2003 Dodge Stratus. This car even has special hooks and brackets, for car seats. If I ever babysit the twins, I'm covered. Never thought that cars seats would factor into a car deal, at my age.
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Oh, dontcha just love that new car smell!
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thats a nice car, i had to rent a car this winter and the one i was suppose to get didnt come back so they gave me one like yours they just got it in, it was new and i liked it real nice ride. but i was glad to get my tracker back, had to push hubby to hurry, he has a bodyshop and he was working on mine.
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I just got my car back after it not running for over a year. I feel like I have a new car, too!!!!
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Congrats! What a great car
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Nice car!
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very nice!!
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Sharp looking set of wheels.
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Its a former rental car and only has 29,000 miles on it. The interior is dark gray and I'm debating between white tiger or Dalmatian print seat covers, for the front. Auto Zone has some really neat looking Dalmatian seat covers, for only $25.
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Congrats! I've had my Stratus for 3 years now and I haven't had any problems with it. But when I did buy it the dealership said that the one major problem with the Stratus's is that their head gasket breaks after approximately 50,000 miles. Apparently the owners before me already went through that problem and replaced it. He also told me that it is very important to check the oil and antifreeze since that's the main reason you find out if the head gasket has broke. Honestly, I don't know what the hell any of that means. I just check my oil when needed and pray for the best! Another thing that I really like about the Stratus's is that it has a built in toddler seat. I don't have any kids, but I do have family with kids and many friends. So, I may need to use it sometime...even though I've never had to yet.

I do love the color of yours! It's very pretty! Hope you have fun with the new ride!
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WOW Nice!
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Impressive I hope it likes you as much as you like it
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Wow very nice Cindy. You GO GIRL!!
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Kewl motor Cindy!!!!

I reckon Dalmatian covers - that way you won't be able to see Ike if he's sitting in the front seat !!!!!

The ex-rental or ex-demonstrator cars are make the best deals - coz even if they've been driven quite hard, they get serviced regularly.

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Naturally, I had Bill check out the engine. He says that its a good thing that its still under warranty. He doesn't have the tools or diagnostic computer to fix it for me.

This is the first time, that I've had a "new" car.
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