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Has anyone tried yard foggers for bugs?

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My poor nanook (doggie) is allergic to some kinds of bug bites! So we put avon skin so soft on him everyday and that helps keep them away. I was in pets mart and saw a yard fogger! We picked on up and are going to use it on the bushes to hopefully cut down on the buggies. Has anyone tried this?
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val I wouldn't recommend this, the residue stays on the ground and your cats will be outside walking in this, licking their paws afterwards? It could be trouble for you down the road.
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we could only be using it close to him and trust me the cats go NO were near there. nanook is a BIG doggie (chowchow mix) he thinks he is a grizzle bear The kitties always stay a very good distance away from him. He would never hurt them but he does bark and will chase them (he broke his collar once ) so they never ever get close. Hubby read the back and it said it was safe to use around animals. I saw something in the vets office that you hook to a hose and spary. I wonder if that would work
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I'm not sure, I used the yard fogger because the mosquitos munch on my son whenever I take him out for gardening and it didn't seem to work, it killed everything else, like moths and other creatures like it but the mosquitos were still there and the flies were still there. So I'm not sure how effective they are Sorry for not being much help
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I wouldn't recommend it, since you have outside cats. Maybe a bug zapper?
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Val, a couple of years ago I used the stuff you hook to a hose and spray. It worked BEAUTIFULLY, I only had to spray a couple of times that summer and it really kept the ##$%#$% mosquitos and other insects away. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the product.

Mom of 10 Cats, I've heard bug zappers actually attract more bugs than they kill.
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I don't like bug zappers. i would worry about the cats chewing on the cord. I hope this stuff works. Nanook is on the side of the house close to the bedroom (guard doggie ) and the cats have no reason to go over there and they are scared of him. I just hope it works!
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If it is the least bit windy it will blow away the poison.

I would recomend spraying the bushes with dove liquid dishwashing soap. The bugs hate the sticky soap feel and leave in a hurry. It doesn't kill anything, including the birds that may munch on the poisoned bugs. If you have nieghbors with outside cats the wind may carry it to their yard as well.

Diamaetrious (sp?) earth is also good for killing bugs out side. It isn't a poison and the micro edges abrade the insects causing them to dry out. Again no accidental side effects.

You can also get Revolution for your dog. It repels insects like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. It may be just the ticket for your dog. Some vets may have a free sample.

Good luck
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I wonder if that Avon, Skin So Soft would work if you sprayed it on your bushes etc. It works on humans and is safe. Anybody?
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I tried Raid Yard Guard on my patio and it didn't work. We don't have mosquitos, yet but, as the rainy season progresses they'll come.

Tucson is concerned about West Nile virus. So far, it has only showed up in horses, here. My concern is for the dogs, since they are out all day. There is a vaccine for horses and I'm going to check with the vet, to see if there's one for dogs.
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i never thought about putting the skin so soft on the bushes. We put it on him, he HATES it but it keeps the buggies off.
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