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My babies! Here's Jake and...

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Meet Jake and Bunnie! Jake is the short hair and Bunnie is the long hair. They are one year old and brother and sister! We found them at the pound 10 months ago and fell in love with them! Jake LOVES to play fetch with his dad (my hubby). I wear earplugs to bed and he seems to have developed somewhat of an obsession for my discarded plugs. Hubby flicks one accross the room and Jake runs to fetch and bring it right back! And he is the only cat I've ever known who just LOVES to be scratched on the tummy! He is so trusting and friendly! He just comes up and lays down right on our faces if we'll let him! He's got a bit of a pouchy belly! I think he has an addictive personality...he can't get enough food, love or attention!
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Bunnie is ever the princess. She is a love, but prefers to be the approacher rather than to be picked up and held. In fact she's nervous and doesn't much like to be held too high off the ground. She does lay down and cuddle with us, though and we love her long soft fur! She's not as needy as Jake, she's more of an independent type. They both have such distinct and unique little personalities and they have added such joy and love to our lives!
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I merged your threads for you Amy. What gorgeous kitties you have!!
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Jake and Bunnie are so cute!
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Wow beautiful kitties Miss Bunnie has a very beautiful coat. Say Jake likes his tummy scratched? I know Sammycat will let me for just about a minute and then the claws come out and you must stop or get seriously injured
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You have two very pretty cats and I'd LOVE to see more pics of them!!
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What pretty babies you have! Thanks for sharing!
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i posted already to this thread but something happeded and it went to another thread oh well your kitties are pretty, no wonder you fell in love with them, and Bunnie has beautiful markings and that tail its gorgeous
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awww to cute!
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Thanks for all the compliments! We love that attention! lol!
Jake and Bunnie
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Grayski loves.....his belly rubed! I got out of the shower a little while ago,he came running into the bathroom an floped down and rooled over for his belly rub!even though I was dripping water all over him!
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Bunnie looks like she has such a thick, soft coat. It would be hard to resist picking her up.
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the both of them look so sweet!!!they are so lucky to have such loving parents too!!
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What beautiful babies!
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oh my gosh they are some of the cutest kittys I have seen here

very cute, more pictures please!

awww they make my heart fill with joy

thanks for sharing! :lips:
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Some of you requested more pictures of Jake and Bunnie, I will get those up ASAP! Thanks for posting!
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Beautiful cats! Love the belly picture.
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You are lucky Jake only takes the discarded earplugs. Fred steals mine right out of my ears.
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