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The Three Kings....

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I just had to share...

Bastian LOVES water.

Jake poses in the corner.

Thanks for letting me share
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Nice Pictures! Love the one of kitty drinking from the faucet! And what a set up you have there in your computer room!
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Great Pictures You have a trio of Beautiful Kitties
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Gorgeous cats! A dear friend of mine has two that look exactly like them! They love to ride around on her shoulders! Thanks for sharing the photos!
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What handsome guys!

And I love the computer setup, too, I have tech-envy right now.
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Cassandra what handsome fellas! I love the bathtub shot did you send it in to Anne for Caption This? Beautiful markings on your boys!
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Cassandra! I love how they TOOK over your computer room, SO CUTE!!
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Great pics Cass!!! Are you guys in the computer business?? lol.

I love the drinking water one! So cute
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LOL! Craig is a computer guru. Because of this we have 6 computers. There are three on the desk, along with the three monitors, then there are two more monitors on the rack beside the besk and on the bottom shelf of the rack we have three more computers there.

Technically, I have one computer and he has 5.

The cats LOOOOVE to sit on the monitors. It's the favorite place, but only when WE are in the office (which is 90% of the time).

MA, I haven't sent in anything for Caption This. I don't want to bog Anne down, and I konw she has lots of great pictures already.

Thanks you guys, I love these boys sooo much, and I think they're just so ding dang goregeous. Yah, I'm biased.
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Sounds like my boyfriends house The boys have like 7 computers hooked up in the garage.. and they're all networked so they can play video games together
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LOL! Sicy sounds like your bf and my bf would get a long GREAAAT! He loooves LAN parties.
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omg LOL!!!!! We need to hook up
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Darrell loves to do that too. Mostly with first person games and Nascar.

The men can game and we can go shopping!!
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Oh what gorgeous lil babeys

very cute , such charactor
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OoOoO Shopping. Don't take me near a shoe store.. I'll go broke!!
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