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Adopting Older Cats......

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Yesterday, I went with my friend Nicole to the Cat Protection Society to adopt a cat. Nicole wanted to find a companion for her 12 year old cat, Ethel who, last month, lost her sister Cocoa to cancer.

Here's a picture of Nicole's beloved Cocoa and Ethel (Cocoa is on the left, Ethel is the beautiful Tabby)

Here's a couple more pictures of Ethel:

When we arrived at the shelter the staff immediately started pointing out all of the available kittens. It was so depressing, because the shelter was caring for 400+ cats. Nicole and I wanted them all, of course. Anyway, Nicole told them about her situation with Ethel and the loss of Cocoa and that she was looking for an older cat - a 10 - 12 year old if possible. At first, I don't think the folks running the shelter took Nicole's request seriously..."Yes, Nicole REALLY wants an older cat.....

Nicole and I toured the entire facility in search of an older kitty. Eventually, a couple of the workers or volunteers started to help us. We were amazed that they knew every cat's name!

After searching for over and hour+, low and behold, a beautiful black cat with BIG gold eyes appeared. The ladies helping us told us that her name was Samantha and she had been living at the shelter for many years. Her previous owner died of cancer so, Samantha was brought to this shelter to, most likely, live out the remainder of her life ..... (Little did she know Nicole was looking for her)

What's really cool is that Samantha is 12 years old like Ethel and she was swirling around Nicole's legs when they first met. It was just too CUTE! Samantha was behaving as if she were grateful to find Nicole....LOL!

Here's a picture of Samantha:

The ladies at the shelter were very happy to see an older cat find a home for a change. They seemed a little sad when saying goodbye to Samantha but knew that she was going home with a wonderful cat mommy...

Samantha is home with Nicole now and is a little apprehensive and spooked about her new surroundings. Ethel is hissing at her from a distance but we're hoping that the two will become friends in the weeks to come. Crossing Fingers!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share our day with your guys... Nicole and I have a new mantra: "Older Babies Need A Home Too…" LOL!!

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that is such a wonderful story! I agree older pet's need adoption too!
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Bless Nicole for adopting an older cat! This is a subject near and dear to me as well. Kittens, being cute and adorable and funny, will always find homes. Older cats don't have nearly as much of an adoption rate. We adopted Coal at 9 yrs (he's 12 now), Tillie at age 9, Sasha at age 6.
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I am so glad that your friend adopted an older cat. The hissing will stop eventually and the two of them will become good friends. How hard it must have been to see all the needy kitties and cats at the shelter though. It breaks my heart everytime I go to the one near my home.
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Samantha is a very pretty girl! I am so glad that your friend decided that an older kitty would be best for her situation and I am sure that Miss Ehtel is happy about the choice also. No having to put up with a crazy kitten
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wow what a tear jeking story that is so sad that there are so many kitties left, i am happy that this beautiful black cat got a good home, im sure they will be good friends soon. thanks for sharing such a great story.
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I am glad an older kitty found a home, too. It is so sad to see the older cats in a shelter, they have almost no chance of finding a home.
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Bless your friends heart for adopting an older kitty. I bet Samantha is tickled pink that she's got a furever home!
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Cheers for adopting an older cat!

They're so sweet and loving, and so grateful to have a good home.
It breaks my heart to see older cats in shelters.

Let us know how they adjust to one another!

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Wonderful story! Samantha is one lucky girl! I hope she is happy in her new home.
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I am going to lure Nicole in here to read the nice things you guys have said. I agree, Nicole is an Angel for adopting Samantha - OK! That's it! I'm gonna go get her right now, LOL!

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Hey Kim while you're off getting her....make sure ya get some more pictures! You know how crazy we all are about Cat Pictures!
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Yup yup! We want more pictures!! Pictures!! Pictures!!
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What great pics!! And what a great story. I cant believe you said Samatha was living at the shelter for several years?? I'm so surprised yet relieved to hear that they dont hastily put cats to sleep.

I'm sure Samantha will eventually be so happy to have a real home.
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Thank you all for the wonderful posts about my new kitty. She is a love for sure and she does seem to be settling in quite well and I have already fallen totally in love with her.

Just as Kim said, it was truly heart breaking at that place, and they are truly angels there for all they do. Not sure I could have done it without Kim there to help me and give me the support I needed. MAN, was it HOT there!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and thank you all for your kind words. I should hang out here more often huh?

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Well Nicole...this is the most addictive place on the Net!

Just wanted to welcome you to the site and congrat's on lil Samantha. She is gorgeous!
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ROFL!! Everyone meet my best friend Nicole!!! And Yes, it was hotter than Hell!! We were drippin' wet with cat fur stuck to our legs! Finding Samantha was worth it!

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Hey Kim..... Congrats on your 1300th post here!!!

I would post more pics of Sammy but I haven't sized them or cropped them at all. Soon as I get more glamour shot of my sleek black kitty will post for sure!!
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Congrats on the new addition, Nicole!
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This story is awesome.....and what a great ending. Most people that go to shelters are looking for kittens or young cats. It is great that you gave a senior cat a chance at a great life. I had a 14 year old cat named Mary....I brought a rescued kitten by me that was 12 weeks old into the picture because she lost her buddy Black Bart who was 17 years old to kidney failure. Anyway....it took Mary about 2 years before she got used to Uncle Louie. He wanted to play....and she wanted to sleep. It is good that you got a cat of the same age. I am sure that they will be in best friends in a matter of weeks. Congratulations!
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Congratulations on your new kitty, Nicole! And welcome to the board as well. I'm glad Ethel will have a new sister to pal around with.
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Congratulations Nicole! Sounds like a real happy ending. Can't wait to see those pictures!!!

I just donated a garbage bag full of blankets and towels and sheets and soap to my local SPCA a few days ago. I don't know if they can use it but I sure hope they can. They have SO many kitties there they are building onto the outside of the building with fences and letting the cats out through the windows into the new enclosures. It's crazy.
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Hi Nicole-

You have chosen a lovely person for your best friend - Kim is very kind,caring and of course creative!

I think Cocoa was really beautiful and I'm sorry that you lost her, Ethel is a gorgeos tabby, , please give him scritches.. Well well well, samantha has a lovely name ( as that's mine ) she has very shiny fur and I'm sure you will do a lovely job of keeping it nice

Even though you have been a member here for ages, I would like to welcome you to the boards!!, Please post more often as I would really love to see more pictures of your two sweetie

Bless you for adopting an older kitty- the story really pulled at my heart strings- and I'm glad you found Sam.

Thanks for sharing and as Nicole said Kim, congrats on your 1300th post!

sorry about the ramble! thanks
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Nicole - How are the girls getting along today??
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Hey Kim............ {{{hugs}}}

They are doing OK tonight. A lot of nose sniffing and a head butt or two and a hiss from both!!! Ethel startled Sam and Sam hissed at Ethel. She was like.... Hey hey hey........ *I* am the hisser here! She was almost indigent! It was funny.

They are definitely doing better today than yesterday and I can only guess hat tomorrow will be better than today.

Sammy get to go to the vet tomorrow. Am curious how I am going to get her in the carrier since she really doesn't like to be picked up. Guess i'll be *real* quick about it! LOL
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Good Luck with Samantha at the vets.
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They are all beautiful cats.

When I was helping the rescue group from whom I got my Sasha & Razpy,
another rescue group using the same vet boarding facility found a home for a pair of 10 year old meezers.(That was a sad case: their owner had just separated from her husband, and she couldn't figure out a way to keep them with her, since she was living on the kindness of friends, moving from couch to couch. She had kept them for several months but it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep moving them.) The woman who adopted them was looking for companions for her 15 year old meezer girl, whose brother had recently died. She said that when she let them out of the carrier for the first time, the old girl jumped right up, as if she thought she had seen her brother. We visited them a few weeks later and they were all in one happy pile together.
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Awwww, Lucia - What a story - I love happy endings

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This is such a wonderful story, an it sounds like Ethal and Sam are going to be best buds in no time... I am so happy to hear things are going well....with the carrier thing..maybe try luring(sp?) her in with food, treats, or something like that..Good Luck though and let us know how it goes!
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