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Hello and HELP!

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the site and happy to have found it! I have two cats, brother and sister, who are 1 year old. They have been indoors since we brought them home from the pound 10 months ago. The other day my husband told me he saw fleas on them (they both are mostly white so it's easier to see the fleas). I told him that was impossible and he must be mistaken. WELL...I was wrong. They both have fleas and I must have been blind not to see them. How the heck can two indoor cats get fleas???? Anyway, I called PETCO to see if they carry the Advantage (which I heard thru the grapevine is very good) but they don't. I guess you have to go to the vet to get it. However, I looked it up online and it was available at a great price from petshed.com. So I ordered it there. However, after I had ordered, my receipt said it would take 5 to 8 days to recieve it. Will my cats be okay until then? Or is that too long?
Thanks in advance for any answers and help!
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If you have a Wal-Mart near you, some of them carry it in the pharmacy. You have to ask for it. If you really need it very soon, you could try that, and keep what you ordered for the next treatment. I would keep your kitties more comfortable, and get the fleas out of you house sooner.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I called our local walmart and unfortunately they don't carry it. Maybe I'll try to find a vet emergency room and see if they have it. I'll get it figured out somehow.
Thanks again!
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Sounds as though your two felines have had the fleas for a while - however, these little devils may have small legs but by heck they can move. I feel for you having a light cat - my father has a white one called Laska - had another pure white one called Theakston and both were rescued kitties and both live indoors. I understand that the flea eggs can incubate for a while and then can take a trip off the cat and onto furniture (sorry to be the bearer of bad news - had a similar problem).
I found a product that resembled a small gas canister - I used it at night, put the cats in one room and left them there - then pressed the button and walked out of the room - cats safely away from harm. It fogged the room in minutes flat - I left the doors and windows shut overnight, then opened it all up first thing in the morning. Once the gas has escaped - it cant get you - its already got them little devils who are laying dead on the floor - then get a vac and enjoy the pleasure of being a flea sucker upper.
As far as the cats are concerned, the product you refer to is only available from a vet here in Yorkshire. For the time being - get one of those flea combs and get the cats combed thoroughly. Fleas get the idea where the comb is going - so hide in areas you would not comb.
Cheeks on the face, forehead, chest, then in the part we would class as an arm pit or leg pit (no idea what the correct terminology is). check the rear as well - under the tail- check the tail as well - round the reproductive area - its not pleasent and I am sorry to be blunt - but fleas will hide where you would not go and only a vet would.
Once I have run the comb through once and I can see a little devil, I get a pin out and allow the flea to be pricked out and dropped into a cup of water. Fleas can jump - they make rubbish swimmers though and will not last long doing laps around the cup. Then dispatch them down the sink forever. Its a great feeling getting rid of them believe me - stress relief or what.
Dont feel that your house is dirty cause the cats have a flea or two - fleas like clean houses best - they like the warmth as well.
Use a comb for a while - clean their bedding out with a insecticide and comb daily - twice a day.
Then nail em until the vet stuff arrives.

Best wishes

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Welcome to the site Amy! Thank you for being wise enough not to purchase the over-the-counter flea medications, they have been known to kill cats and kittens.

I'm going to move this to the Health & Nutrition Forum where our experts can give you more help for interim remedies for your two cats.
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Welcome to the Cat Site! Yes, I have heard that Advantage is very good. I have also heard horror stories about flea collars and over-the-counter flea remedies! I would only use Advantage.

Here's hoping your kitties are flea free soon! Post some pictures of them when you can!
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Thanks to all for your great flea info and for the nice welcome! I was able to find an emergency vet clinic where they sold me a one month supply of Advantage for each cat. (Unfortunately it cost me the same as the 6 month multipack I ordered on the internet...they're definitely not GIVING the stuff away!) Now I'll mark my calendar and treat them once a month!
Thanks again!
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I went and merged your threads together for you. I am glad you found the flea treatment. Good luck with your kitty
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I have MANY cats,but only 2 who come in and out.I have never used advantage...my vet recommends frontline plus,and that's what I use on Dolly and Ms. Pink.One dose between their shoulder blades once a month and they are protected not only from fleas but ticks as well.I have been using it for a couple of years now,and have been very satisfied with it.No adverse reactions to it,either.Hope this helps!
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Hi all,

I am from SA - we have Advantage here but the thing that I use is called Frontline - also only available from the vet. In opinions on this? I haven't used any on my kittens yet because they are still too small to go out but am going to need to as spring is coming soon...

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Greetings from Missouri!I have never used Advantage,so I can't give you an opinion one way or the other.My experience has only been with Frontline Plus,and I have been very happy with it.I don't happen to have a box on hand,so I can't read what ages you can use it on.I would ask my vet about that.In my area,we have available 2 size packages.One has 3 doses,and it runs about $26.00,and the other has 6 doses,which runs about $38.00,definately the cheapest way to go.They are little flat plastic vials that you snip the top off and apply between their shoulder blades,parting the fur.One dose is good for one month,and protects against ticks as well,which we have a lot of here in the midwest!My two gals that are in and out have been flea and tick free for the last several years,and that is such a good thing!A flea infestation for me would really cause a problem!Hope this helps.
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Kittens have to be 9 weeks old before you can treat them with spot on flea treatment AND you must use the kitten strength not the cat one. Also stay away from store bought brands like Hartz and Bio Spot, those cause a lot of problems and even can cause death.
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That's a good point!I know there are a lot of people who buy their flea medications and even their wormers where I work,which is WalMart,and I try to explain to them this is not a wise thing to do.Best to go to the vet and get the right thing,the right dosage for the right problem than risk harming your babies!
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