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Swollen chin on cat

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2 days ago, my Calico would not let me touch her chin, which she loves to have stroked.
The chin was swollen. No visible sore or drainage, but really sore to touch in one spot. like a zit!!
Took to vet today 9/13/2010 and they said that the plastic bowl we feed her out of has sharp edges and she cut herself and has an infection. The bowl was a freebie from the cat food company, but was small and she scraped her chin each time she ate.
Antibiotics and pain killer (the hot spot was HOWLINGLY PAINFUL!!! )
given and we will see what happens..
We have a large, shallow dish for food and water now..

Anyone else ever have this problem???
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Sorry to hear your baby has a painful chin. I recommend you use stainless steel, porcelain or ceramic dishes for her food and water (you may have already switched to these types of materials). Plastic fosters bacteria and lots of kitties get terrible acne from it.
Hope the ouchie goes away soon!
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Porcelain already in place...
Pain killers have helped her sleep.
Her chin was so swollen, she could not pick up dry food with her lips and she could not groom herself.
As soon as the pain killer was on board, she groomed like nobodies business!!!

Next week..hairball!!!
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