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Cutting Claws!

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I just clipped Willow's claws. It took me ages and she took lumps out of me with the one's I hadn't got to yet. I dread doing Otis because he is aggressive on a good day
Is there an easy way to do this without stressing out myself or the cat?
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Good question that I don't have an answer too. I'll be waiting for other replies!

Unfortunately Peaches has her front paws declawed by her previous owners but my next kitty (I Hope I'm getting soon), will hopefully still have all her little toes in a row!
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there is a relaxing spray you can buy, the others can tell you a bit more about it.

But personally, I have a cat that likes to attack my face when I do his nails. So I put a large tasty cracker in my mouth and he licks away on that while I'm discreetly clipping his nails. Or sometimes giving him a treat just before hand and during does him good too.

Tigger just whines
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I'm going to move this over to Care and Grooming.....
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With the claws just do it gradually. If you can get on paw done one day, count yourself lucky. Work when the cat is relaxed, after she has had a big meal and is stretched out. Start slowly and just gather her paw up in your hand and lay it there, if she jerks away, simply gently gather it up again until she doesn't fight you anymore. This can take awhile, but just go slow.

Once she has accepted you holding her paw, start spreading her paw like you are going to cut her nails, but don't cut them. Keep this up until she is accepting of this action.

Lay the clippers next to her feet, let her get used to them first. Then take them, cut off just the bare tip of the claw and feed her a treat. Do one paw and walk away.

Keep this up and eventually she will not even give you a second glance when it comes to her claw trims.
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wow, thanks Hissy! What great advice. I'll do that with Roo.
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When Zoey is sitting on the floor, I sit over her and gently grab one paw, clip away until she gets annoyed then I stop. I will do as many nails as I can then stop.. come back later or the next day to do the rest What sucks is Zoey has more nails than most cats
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My cat will let me clip his front claws. When I do the back, I have someone hold him by the scruff of his neck while petting him with the other hand, I grab both back feet and clip fast(lol) then I give him a treat. I am working slowly at getting him to let me clip the back ones my self, if I try when he is sleepy I can clip one or two.
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I'll try it all out and let you know, if of course he hasn't taken both my hans off!!
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