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im having trouble figuring out my cats breed.

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i can't figure out my cats breed. i found her on a farm when she was a kitten and ive now had her for about 2 years. recently ive decided to search for her breed. i came across the Birman breed and thought that is what she was because she looked remarkably similar to them but it turns out birmans have white paws and my cats paws are brown so i found the Balinese breed and once again she looks exactly like a Traditional Balinese. however when i was reading about Traditional Balinese it said they look alot like Ragdolls but are not the same. Ragdolls tend to be more docile according to what i read and my cat is very docile and talks alot and sometimes can be very noisy but i just can't figure out which one she is. she has some characteristics of one and some from the other and im just very confused. can someone help me figure this out? here is a picture of my cat Zoe, it is fairly recent. i have more if needed. thanks to anyone who can help.
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here is another picture of her
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here is a picture of her as a kitten
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wow she is really pretty!!! I think she might be a mix between a purebreed and a "normal" kitty. I'm not sure what breed though. But she is just beautiful!
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one more picture
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thank you very much
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She looks like a Seal Point Siamese to me. She is one gorgeous cat!
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i dont think ill ever figure out what she is. theres too many cat breeds! lol
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You can definately see that she has Siamese blood in her, although her hair is a bit long for a pure blood Siamese. Maybe she's a mixture of Siamese and Birman or maybe she's a Balinese. I know there is a breed that some people call the long haired Siamese, and I'm not sure if it's the Balinese or not. However, I would definatley say she is in the Siamese family.
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I believe that your cat is a mix. She definitely is a seal point. She resembles the siamese almost exactly except for her hair - it's a little too long. So, I think that she is a mix of a seal point siamese and domestic long hair, or maybee himalayan.
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- Because of the longish fur, I would say Birman - seal point -probably a mix

Very Cute!
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i deffinitly know shes not purebred. im not sure what her mother was but she looked somewhat like a calico. she was brown with light orange patches on her.

which leads me to what her father was. i never saw her father. so we never knew exactly what she was. she does look alot like a traditional siamese however they have much shorter hair.

also im not sure but i THINK Balinese are related to siamese and im thinking she could very well be a Balinese because balinese can be vocal like the siamese but a little softer on the voice and she is very vocal.

hopefully i am right. i wish i knew what her dad was. maybe he was a mix aswell. who knows. if only animals could talk id ask her myself!

thank you all so much for your help and opinions. i really appriciate it! thanks again.
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looks like a seal point siamese as i had a cat that looked like your cat.
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I found these pictures all over the internet!

Classic Siamese

Modern Siamese

Traditional Siamese


Traditional Balinese




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thanks for the pics. she looks like the ragdoll and the balinese. arg....cant decide.
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She has Siamese in her, but I would say Siamese mix. She is a very beautful cat!the long hair must be from the mom.
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Thanks for posting those pictures, Crazy-Cat-Lover. I always thought my cat Snoopy was a traditional Siamese, but I can see by the shape of his face, that he's a Classic Siamese. I think my Shane is still a traditional, because his face is really round.

And girliepie I think your cat does indeed look more like a traditional Balinese. However, if her mother was a calico then she probabl can't be a real Balinese. However she obviously inherited those genes from either her mother or her father.
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I think it might be a himalayin. *Sorry i know that's not spelled right*
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The cat doesn't look to have any Himi in here, no persian-like features.
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