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I just need to vent!

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I am having a meltdown today, tears have been flowing like crazy - some of youse know that I had to send my son to NZ because of my mother in law, because she is so unstable, that I was in fear of being hurt.
Then the other day, I find out that she is making threats on my sister in law. When will that woman stop?
My sister in law is the sweetest young lady I know, gorgeous, with a lovely nature. She will turn 19 next month and she has anxiety because of her mother.
And to top it off, I am missing my son so much. We cannot really afford to go home right now, but Jake got a new job at the Postal Service and will start soon, no idea when. We are hoping to go home by my son's 4th birthday in August 2004, and we will know if we can afford it by then.
I am just so sad. I cannot stop crying.

Thanks for listening.
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I don't have any words of wisdom for you. When it comes to the instability of people, especially relatives, you have to protect yourself and your loved ones in the best possible way. I hope at least you can connect with your son via the computer on a daily basis?
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Kellye, I'm so sorry. I don't have any adivice to give but I can send you lots of (((hugs))). I hope you'll be able to see your son soon.
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Oh I'm so sorry about your situation. I don't know what to say. You must be in so much pain being away from your child. All I can say to you is I'll be thinking about you.
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Kellye, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. i don't have any words of wisdom, either. Is there any way you could have your mil get a mental health evaluation?
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Kellye I really feel your pain! I wish I had words of wisdom for you but I can barely think clearly about my own situation. I agree with everyone else about the e-mail. I hope you get to see your son soon, very soon. I am sending all of the {{Hugs}} I can through this. Please keep us updated on your Son.

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Kellye, I'm so sorry that you're feeling down. It sounds like you have a good reason to be blue. I'm sure you miss him more than anything in the world. I really feel for ya Hon. That's gotta be rough! Sending you lots of positive thoughts and big hugs too!
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Hey kellye,

I'm so sorry that you are having a rough time at home and your son is not by your side. Like the rest, I can only offer a listening ear and lots of prayers for you. Be strong and hang in there. Things will turn for the better soon.
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Once your hubby gets this job, can you move and not tell the MIL? I would change my phone number too. Just cut her off completly, get a restraining order if you have to. Don't let this woman back into your lives. If the rest of the family won't respect your decision, don't let them know where you live either. It may sound harsh, but unstable people can do incredable damage to others lives.
You were smart to send your son to a safe place. I read about a Grandmother that was mad at her son and his girlfriend and killed the baby by putting a lot salt in the formula.
Keep safe and know we are here for you!
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I'm really sory Kellye about this, I'm not sure of any helpful words for you.

Stay Strong you will see your son soon & remember we are here for you!

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((((((((((((((HUGS Kellye & Jake)))))))))))))))))))
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Kellye I am so sorry hon. (((((((((((((((KELLYE)))))))))))))))

Hopefully you guys can be together soon and be away from all that is causing the tears and stress in your life.
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Is it your little boy Gabe that has moved to NZ, who does he live with? are you moving back with him? , I'm sorry , I didn't know about this

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Thanks guys...Teresa - we already moved to another county and she has no idea where we are - we have not had any contact with her. But his sister is in touch with his dad and he tells us what happens.

Sam - yeah its my son Gabe and hes with my parents. Hes happy there, which is important, I am trying to see it from a positive aspect. We are hoping to move to NZ by August 2004.

Thanks again.
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OK, I understand now

I'm so sorry about the situation...

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Aw Kellye, it's been so difficult! Your heart must just feel like it's breaking some days. I have no words of advice, but maybe just words of comfort. Kellye - like MA says, when unstable people are involved you have to do what is right to protect those you love - and, unfortunately, as your head knows but your heart has trouble agreeing with - is that what is right is so often not what we want. That's what friends are for. And as you know, we have really big shoulders here. Use them all you need to.

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My heart is with you, Jake and Gabe! I hope that things work out for you!
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Awww...kellye hun!


Things will be fine in the end. Hang in there. You are a courageous and strong woman and have been through alot already.

Aug 2004 huh?

Well....I think I may have to head out that way for a visit
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