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Jaw Problems

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HI everyone!
I am new to the site. I recently adopted a litter of kittens from our humane society. Four little darlings. One of them had problems eating and so I took her to the vet. He couldn't find anything wrong at first. xrays on the jaw didn't show anything and a physical inspection didn't show anything. She would eat a few bites of food but after that it hurt too much and so she was losing weight. When she chews, you can hear a popping noise. Well actually a sort of grinding noise. She can drink just fine. It was just when she had to chew anything. It took a second trip to the vet to show him this. He found that her jaw is missing cartilidge so when she opens her mouth, her jaw gets dislocated. My poor baby. My vet is wonderful with my babies, but just recently started out on his own. He didn't know how to fix this problem so he is researching it. He had an idea but since he has never had any personal experience he wanted to learn more about it. Scary, but I like the fact he admitted it. I am taking her back again tomorrow to see what he learned and if we can fix it. I am pretty sure we can but I was just wondering if anyone had this problem and what you did? If there anything else I should look for? Maybe in the future? Something to keep an eye on? Should I discuss supplements with my vet until she is eating properly again? She is currently on a liquid diet to prevent any further damage to the jaw. And of course vitamins. I was reading the boards and wondered if the grapefruit seed oil would do any good. Please don' suggest another vet. I really like this one. I took my 14 year old siamese cat to two different vets who wanted to euthanize her before finding him. Thanks to him she is now frisky again and gaining weight.
Sorry for the long length of this post. Would apprecaite some feedback from anyone who may have some experience or ideas.
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If your vet is willing to research the problem for you, stay with him. You should try to learn as much as you can (internet is a great site) about the problem so that you can ask the right questions. Sometimes a leading question will give him ideas. Vet's are only human after all.

The only thing close that I've experienced is a cat with a broken jaw (she fell off the refrigerator going after a loaf of bread). Same crackly sound you described and we kept her on liquids then soft food for a while. You might consider a canned cat food like Science Diet A/D. We use it for weaning kittens and for our senior, stomatitis cat who has problems eating. It's VERY soft, expensive and prescription only from your vet - you might ask him about it.

Good luck!
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