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job seeker question

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Hey does anyone know of an internet forum/support group/community for job seekers? I'm having a rough time and need some encouragement but feel bad because I keep posting on other types of forums and I'm sure people are getting sick of hearing me whine I'm trying to find some places but am having a hard time and would like some rec's.

Today was another day of "help wanteds" and endless internet searches. However I did send in my resume for a job I am over qualified for that is 5min away and is (unfortunately) part time but is in my field so I'm hoping for that. My title would be "Advertising Sales Assistant" for a newspaper which would sound a lot better on my resume than "Taco Maker" for taco bell (which was my last job).. So even tho the money would suck I could get some industry experience and hopefully move on to a job I would really like before too long. But then I've always been told I'm a dreamer--maybe it's time to wake up?? I always hope and never even get a phone call so I'm not getting too excited..
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Anna, I don't know of any forums, but I wanted to wish you heaps of good luck in your search!
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No clue, about forums but, good luck.

As for your resume, try euphemisms: instead of "taco maker", try Hispanic cuisiniere.
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I know your pain......

I was laid off 5 months ago, and I still have not found a job. I have sent out over 60 resumes, and have only come close once (job went to a minority). Most of the time I only get 1 call a week from an HR rep, who is only collecting resumes to give to the phantom "hiring manager". The reality is, budgets are thin, and few companies can afford to hire people.

I got so pissed off, I started my own company.

Don't give up...

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