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Hi there - new kit on the block

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Good morning from here in the UK. Have just come accross your web site and love it.
I am possibly like most people and am owned by two gorgeous cats - I have a tabby that is about 7 years old- daft as a brush, soft as a kitten and dafter than me. I also have Vicki who is a black and white female who has had it real bad until we got her. Vicki was abused from the day she was born, she has been thrown, kicked, abused to an extent that was not possible and spent her first 4 years in and out of rescue centres. The final straw was when she was thrown out of an 8 story building and shattered her right front leg. The RSPCA amputated it and looked after her for 2.5 years. She was homed but due to her past, she would bite and scratch and is physcologically scarred big time. no one wanted her. I already had Brandy and was not looking for another when I saw her - I visited the centre and had signed all the paperwork and paid the donation before I had even seen her. I was adamant that she would have a new life and it would be great.
We have had her nigh on three years - longer than this cat ever had a good home and she is 1000 per cent adored. She is still a little messed up in her head and still lashes out every now and then but I would not swap her for anything. Seems strange that the cat they could not home went on TV a fortnight after we collected her and they had to make a part at the end saying she was in a very loving home. Anyway, enough of this as am sure you dont want to hear it - my question for you all is, Vicki can get very exstatic(??) when being fussed and she gets plenty of it - wouldnt you? When she gets to a certain stage - she gives little nips with her teeth on my hand, finger etc. It does not hurt and I dont chew her out for it - Ilove her too much and in its own way - its really nice - guess she trusts us enough - why does she do it?
Had cats in my house for all my 34 years now - need em like breathing - suffering with depression right now but there is nothing like a cat on your knee when feeling low.
Heck, I even slep better when I can hear either Brandy or Vicki purring - sad or what?
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Hi kev and welcome to The Cat Site!

Glad to know that Vicki is in a loving home. Good on you for taking her in. She is lucky to be with a person who is patient and willing to take the time to help her adjust to a new life. Kudos!

Now about her getting ecstatic. She is loving the attention that she is receiving. Though she is getting overstimulated which is resulting in her nipping you. You probably know the signs when she reaches the point just before she nips. There are things that she does like flatten her ears or stare off blankly or perhaps tense up.

At this point, it's best to stop giving her attention so that she calms down. But just in case, have a good quality stuffed toy handy and let her lash out on that instead on your hands or arms. You can also limit the amount of attention she receives at any one time to prevent her from being overstimulated.

I too sleep better with my cats being on the bed or at the very least in the same room.
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welcome!! I'm sure you will love it here!
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My wife and I have just come home from taking our son out for the day and have recived several welcomes to the web site. Just wanted to say thanks - very kind of you all.
In respect of the comments in ref to being bitten when my cat is in throes of extasy, her ears dont go back or tail flick as if shes mad. She just butts, nuzzles and then nips and straight back into the nuzzle again and more head butts - crazy or what.
Heres a quick story which if this has no place here, please advise and wont post anything like it again .. however..
I am nearly 34 and before I was born, my parents adopted a cat called Robin who had been abused badly as a kitten. Anyway, I arrived and Robin and I hit it off apparently from the first day I came home.
We were very close and me being a baby, I had little or no idea what was happening. One day, mum decided it was a beaut of a day and needed some shopping. I was in the pram asleep and so mum sticks her bag underneath that metal grill thing and walked the mile or so into the village.
She wanders in and out of shops and occasionally hears a mew, thinks its the wheels - ignores it and carries on- adamant to get some oil on the wheels when she gets home with me.
She finally goes into the supermarket, packs the shopping under the pram with me asleep, when all of a sudden a cats head pops up from underneath the covers, looks at my mum, some other people and then turns round and goes back underneath and next to me.
Robin had crept into the pram and gone to sleep with me. Mum to say was absolutely horrified is an understatement as were the other shoppers. She walked very carefully all the way home and when arrived, he was still fast asleep curled up against my stomach.
Robin had a great life and passed away when I was 16. I was devastated. He was a cat who knew when I was ill, knew when to come and see me and it still pains me to see all those photos from mums house of me and him together - however, what great memories.
I have loads of stories and still have a love of cats that is endless.
Can always shut up if you prefer!!!!
Have a great week and thanks once again for dropping by and saying hi - nice to be amongst you all.
made uplatin name - tortielover
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Welcome to the site Kev! How wonderful of you and your family to take Vicki in and give her the loving home she never had before. It sounds like you have made wonderful progress with her and trust issues that she has.

That story of you and Robin the cat is just precious! Sounds like you had a very special bond with Robin.
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Welcome to you, Kev, and bless your heart for adopting Vicki (and Brandi, too!). Life is so much fuller when there are cats to share it with.

No need to worry that anyone here will tell you to shut up...we are all as crazy about our cats as you are about yours, and love to hear stories about them.
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welcome to the site, i love it here to, sounds like Vicki is finally safe, you are a for saving her, enjoy your time here.
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Hi Kev - good to have you here, and I'm glad to see another cat-loving Brit on the boards!!!

Anyway - both your cat stories are lovely and most welcome here . . . we like to hear all about cats; past AND present.

Do pop by and tell us some more about yourselves and your terrible twosome, Brandy and Vicki.

BTW - the little nipping that Vicki does? My Fifi does it all the time - especially first thing in the morning when we haven't seen her all night (she's not one of the 2 out of the 3 that sleeps on the bed). She starts off nibbling fingers, and gradually moves up our arms. It's always delicate and never hurts.

I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
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Welcome Kev Look forward to seeing pictures of your babeys?
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Welcome to the boards!
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I think cats are way too intelligent and mine are no exception to the rule. Tonight, having just arrived home from the office, my wife opens the fridge and announces that some cod that I caught a while ago whilst deep sea fishing was for dinner. Excellent - and of course Brandy and Vicki both knew exactly what was for dinner as the smell of fish permeated the house.
So, on the kitchen side it goes and off we head for a shower - however, we are in the know - cats + fish = fat cats and thats my fish! I earned it, I worked for it and I caught it.
Both cats are put outside for 10 minutes.
Whilst in the shower, we heard a crash however, as our son (nearly four) is downstairs, we did not think much of it - he has his chalks out and playing happily.
Coming downstairs, I feel a draught from the kitchen and much to my horror, I see a large plate on the floor in bits. Thats not good news in anybody's language - however, the fish will be fine with a wash I thinks. That is if there was any fish on the floor, thinking our son has moved it - he is grilled and questioned and just how did the back door suddenly open?
He saw Brandy on the window sill, opened the door to let him in. Then Vicki strolls in, they must have tagged up together with the plan that one knocks the plate over - then jumps down and makes a run for it - with a section each.
Both cats are sat outside washing and like an idiot I have asked them if they know about this. They are never gonna answer me - just sit and wash and look fat. The neighbours think I have lost it!
Me, well - its pizza for us now and two cats may be on the tiles for the night - well until I let them in but for some reason they are both crashed out in the evening sun.
Hope you enjoyed it guys - if I help myself to your biscuits later - will you mind as much!
starving at the moment until pizza arrives and trying to smile.
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