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food allergic cat

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Hi, newbie to this board........ my cat appears to have developed a food allergy. I am trying to find what would be a good food to switch to. I found several articles on food allergies but none recomended any products just ingredients to avoid. HELP !!! I hate seeing my cat, lick,lick,lick & im sure she wants to feel better too. She's my baby & she's getting up there...10 yrs old thanks for your help, Karen
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I would try Solid Gold cat food. It is made for animals with allergys in mind. My 3 cats love the stuff. You can read more at www.solidgoldhealth.com
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Has she been tested positive for food allergies by a vet?
What is she currently eating? There are several brands with novel proteins such as Petguard rabbit & rice but it only comes in a canned formula. There is also Solid Gold which is lamb based, Nature's Variety makes a lamb and a beef formula and Wellness has a new salmon formula. Just a few suggestions
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Oops, here are the website is you want to check them out ( I see the website for Solid Gold has already been posted for you)

P.S. The Nature's Variety also comes in canned formulas that are beef, lamb, rabbit or duck based. These may be a good option for you.
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Switching foods can cause your cat to reeact in a way that it appears that they have an allergy. The best way to determine which allergies your cat has is to get him/her tested by a vet. Constantly switching foods can mean bouts of diarrhoea and eating less or more.

Think of your cat like a small child. Each time you introduce each to a new food, you are almost always bound to have a reaction. Whether it be, "Are you JOKING?? I'm not eating THAT!" to "I love it. It's like CANDY." to "I suppose." Then their digestive systems which aren't used to possibly different and new nutrients may require time to adapt in order for the new nutrient source to be properly digested.
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