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any tonkinese breeders here?

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Just curious-are there any tonk breeders here?
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Not that I know of - I breed Persians.

Do you breed Tonks?
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Not yet, but I hope to breed Tonks one day (that won't be for quite some time!) I have one tonkinese girl(spayed), and she is the funniest, most affectionate cat I have ever met! There are only a handful of registered tonk breeders in Canada; I think it's too bad that so few of these great little cats are available to Canadians..
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I've never met a Tonkinese before, although I have seen pictures. They are beautiful! I'm going to a cat show next month, so I will make sure to check out the Tonks there. Have you any photos of your Tonk to share with us? We love to see one another's furkids!
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I saw one at a show in Toronto once, just gorgeous
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I had thought about breeding them once...a friend of mine, who breeds Tonks, was intersted in getting a female. I cant breed cats right now but I want to be a judge so I will have to at some point, she offered for me to raise the girl, then give her to Karen, have her bred, and let me put my name on the kittens. We decided it wasnt the best idea at the time, Karen was working (if the cat was in labor during the day she would have to take work off and she is only given a few days to take off) and I lived an hour away, which isnt far at all but to go up there daily to care for the kittens, help deliver, ect wasnt going to work out. Oh well...I did help her show a cat once, shortly after her male was neutered he went to a show and came face to face with a whole male so he was grumpy the rest of the show Then his next show he was benched next to a photographer, the flashing, curtian movements, noises, ect got to him and he was not a happy camper Poor baby, she decided to keep him home for a while, then brought him out a few months later. He was growly and learned how to intimidate judges so she asked me to take him to a ring during a judges break, take the cat out and handle him (I handle feral cats so a grumbling tonk really shouldnt be a problem), he did growl at me but I never felt like I was in danger of getting bit or scratched and I think the judges should know when a cat will bite and when he is just trying to scare you. Poor Macky and poor Karen, he was a great, lovey boy before the incidences at the shows, she is keeping him out for a year and going to try bringing him back next year.
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