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A curious question regarding Kitty Litter

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Would you please list the brand you use in this post? I don't need to know the details of your litterbox activity- Just curious what brand you use or if you switch around?

I use Fresh Step Scoopable right now because of Paw Points-
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Tidy Cats for Multiple Cats -not the clumping kind
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I use "Breeders Choice" a Recycled paper, very light, easy to dispose of , good for soil, very cheap.. the cats like it , it rarely smells and is so enviromentally friendly.
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We use the unscented Special Kitty from Wal-Mart. Socks really doesn't care as long as it's scooped in the morning and at night.
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Tidy Cat for Multiple Cats, also Fresh Step Multiple Cats formula.
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My 3 fur bunnys use Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula.
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I use Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat brand for multiple cats. (clumping) My 5 cats all use it. Its a good buy, 12.00 for 40lbs. The only catch is it comes in a large plastic bag that is quite heavy. I just empty it into a large tub and scoop out what I need.
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Fresh Step.
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When I can afford it (soft paw.) Or fresh step.
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I've been wanting to ask ya what do ya use!!! Thanks for posting this thread!!! I use the Tidy Cat multiple clay type also but I hate cleaning the litter box, I have one cat and I swear it seems as if I have 15. Has anyone here bought or used the LitterMaid? It is suppose to be automated and easily cleans. I'm thinking of getting it but didn't know how effective it was and it's a bit pricey so I was surfing e-bay but still it's expensive. Any advice?
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A brand called 'Breeder's Choice'. It's lightweight recycled paper and apparently great for the garden too, though never tried it as I throw it all away in the bin. It looks like grey rabbit pellets.
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When I first got Peaches I used Fresh Step. I don't think she liked it so I switched to Arm & Hammer non-scented clumping litter.
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Hey Mags- Check out my reply to this thread before - I use that as well, It's really good isn't it
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Especially when I had to train Russell from dirt, then to clay litter which I found to be smelly and messy and finally Breeder's Choice.
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We used to use Vitapet- and then a clumping one and now we will never go off Breeders Choice and it's real good because if cats try and eat it , it will digest unlike some clumping type
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I've only ever had Esper sleep in it. But that was after we had just moved so it was a stress related behaviour and luckily not ongoing, otherwise bath time would have to be more regular.
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We be a Swheat Scoop household
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Tidy Cat Multiple cats=the clumping kind.
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Tidy Cats clumping. And of all their multi-cat formulas, I prefer the one with the green label, which is some type of antibacterial.

Jellybelly: Airprincess has used the Litter Maid since I've known her, and she loves it!
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Fresh step for the adults and cheap store brand non-clumping for the baby cats.
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Is there a Web Site for the Fresh Step.. Tidy cats etc etc, I would love too see what ya'll use
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WalMart's Special Kitty clumping. No problems and everybody uses it.
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Thanks Mary-Anne, I'm going to check them out!
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Hmmm...I have tried crystals once...not a good idea for cats who like to dig and refuse to use enclosed litter trays.

After that adventure I stick to Breeder's Choice though I am toying with the idea of mixing a few crystals in with it and seeing what the results are.
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I get Arm & Hammer Unscented scoopable litter for Spike.
I also mix a little of the Arm & Hammer Crystal Blend into the unscented litter.

I do it for odor control, although I found Arm & Hammer litterbox deodorizor which I may start using.

I really dislike scented litter... it's just SO strong. That's why I mix a bit of the crystal blend into a majority of unscented.
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Right now, I'm using Fresh Step, which is made by Clorox.
I used to love Scoop Away, but they went through a bunch of formula changes, and I found that it tracked out on their paws way too much.
Fresh Step seems fairly good, although it has a more chemical smell to me than Scoop Away did. It has the benefit of being sold at the local supermarket, as is Tidy Cat and Scoop Away. Since I dont drive (I live in NYC) I use a folding shopping cart to lug stuff like litter home so the less I have to travel the better.

I've tried Litter Pearls, but thought that they developed an odor much more quickly than the product claimed to. One of my cats didn't like them at all. I've also tried some of the litters made of alternate substances, such as Yesterday's News and Feline Pine, but I didnt like their odor.

Do the people with several cats find Tidy Cat to be good? I've only tried it once.
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Originally posted by Shell
Tidy Cats for Multiple Cats -not the clumping kind
Same here except mine is the clumping kind...I have 4 kittens in the house right now...one a woman at work gave me and 3 I rescued. This litter seems to keep the odor down well.
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I use Heartland Wheat Litter. I order it from their factory and get 4 12 lb. boxes at a time.
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