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Is there something that always has to be....

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... in your fridge/and or/freezer???

( LOL This is the 2nd Food thread I have started today !)

I always must have Coke,Ham,Eggs,Milk,Butter & Bacon
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butter ,eggs,mt dew,milk,cheese and of course Pepsi! water,jelly,
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Water Jelly??
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Mountain Dew isn't a big thing over here, it's always on sale 89 cents for a 1.5 litre bottle!
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No dear water & jelly
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Pepsi, Frappucinos, Milk (skim), Pizza Bagels. Ice cubes in the freezer.
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Oh Yes, Icecubes are a must have.

LOL Ok, Mmmmmm Jelly and we never have water in our fridge we get it out of the taps, can you do that over there? , sorry if it's a dumb question.
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yes we can ,but Ted likes his really cold. It isn't to cold coming out of the taps,and the only stupid question is the one you never ask!
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Pepsi, filtered water, milk, orange juice, fresh fruit and vegetables.
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Sam, it's not a stupid question. We can drink our tap water here, but my parents don't trust it because it's often discoloured and has a yucky smell . We bought a water cooler, like the kind most work offices have, and we use it for our drinking water. The shop down the street has a reverse osmosis machine for the water, which supposedly gets all the yucky stuff out. We use that to fill the bottles, and it's not very expensive.

Hmm... what always has to be in my fridge/freezer? Uhh... strawberry ice cream, a few apples, a couple oranges, veggie breakfast sausages, and usually leftover pasta. I know I'm strange.
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Vegetables!!! Filtered water!!!
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Diet Pepsi
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Mags, You're easy to please, some veggies and some water!

Ok Sherral

Mmmmm Strawberry icecream.. We can get our tap water out of the taps because it's always really clean, but we buy bottled water alot as well
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I forgot Freezies and Popsicles! I'm horrible. I eat more Freezies & Popsicles than 20 three year olds on the hottest day of the year...
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LOL Jenn
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I love my vegies. I prefer vegetarian meals to be honest. Eggplant, (Aubergine), Masala...yummy...
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Now I DO love Eggplant

Good on ya girl
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It's wonderful on pizza!!!
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Milk, baby carrots, longhorn/mild chedder cheese, sweet pickles, blackberry jam, and string cheese.
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Milk, bottled water, butter spray, In the freezer, I always have to have some Ice cream bar of some sort.
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What's Butter Spray?
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ooh what fun!
swiss, muenster, cheddar, fresh mozzarella and good romano and good parmesan cheeses,
no sugars added mayonnaise
half and half that has nothing added
cream cheese w/out additives such as guar gum or carrageenan, xanthan gum,
eggs & butter,
salad mix (raddichio, endive, different lettuces)
celery, cauliflower, spinach
no sugar added bacon

that's a minimum of our minimum must-have's!
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Butter comes in an aerosol can????
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The only 100% must have in my fridge is french vanilla creamer for the coffee.

Sam: re: the water

If Sherral thinks HER tap water isn't cold enough in upstate New York.....well, that doesn't hold a candle to what comes out of the tap here in Florida. The cold is practically warm, so I refrigerate it too. I also use a Pur water filter on the tap because the plain tap water tastes yucky down here.
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Hey mags- Don't worry I'm stumped too, it obvousely something that us here in Australasia don't under stand..LOL

Oh Thanks Deb- Our water always comes out cold.. hmmm We used to have a water purifer but I think we sold it.

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Butter blend margarine, cream cheese, extra-sharp cheddar, OJ, water and beer. In the freezer: ice trays, hydrocortisone suppositories and cigarettes!
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Fresh fruit and veggies, salsa, salad dressing, milk (have to go to the store tomorrow to restock on the milk), bottled water. I use a Culligan filter because our tap water is yukky, and the house is old, and I don't know how much lead is in the pipes. Even the cats drink bottled water.

We always have ice cubes, cause Dan loves his drinks with ice, even milk. Usually there are popsicles or sherbet or some sort of frozen dessert.
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I can't think of anything that I HAVE to have in my freezer or refridgerator...

Oh, and butter spray doesn't come in aerosol cans, it's more like a pump-spray. Liquified butter, that has very few calories... actually, I think there might be 0-5 calories in about 8 sprays and 0 grams of fat from the butter spray I have. So I can still have that buttery flavor on my baked potatoes, but without all the fat/calories.

And I use a Brita filter for my water. Just fill up the Brita, shove it in the fridge, and I have cold, clean water. But it's really just for Spike... I detest drinking water.
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I have a butter spray that I must have in my house. Is this what we are all talking about?? This one is aresol and a no-name brand.
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Originally posted by Tamme
I have a butter spray that I must have in my house. Is this what we are all talking about?? This one is aresol and a no-name brand.
No the brand name is: I can't believe it's not Butter, and they have these little pump bottles that it comes in. It's really buttery flavored, and it doesn't have all of the bad stuff that butter and margorine contain. You use it just like regular butter. What you are showing in that photo, is that stuff you spray over a frying or baking pan to cook or bake without fat. Here we have the same thing, and it's called PAM.
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