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vacation problem

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i have a question for everyone... we have 2 vacations planned. 1 in august and 1 in october. i am not sure if my kitties would do better at a kennel or left at home (with someone coming in ofcourse) at the kennel they would be kept in a kitty condo...and playeed with daily, but they have never been away from home. if i leave them home, i could have a relative come in the evening to scoop the poop and feed them dinner, but they would be alone all day... im just not sure which would be best..any caonger than an extended weekend we've taken since we got the kitties!!! angel
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That has a determining factor. I always try to leave my cats at home with someone to care for them. The only place I could board them would be the vets, and I think that is a very stressful place for them to be. But it would depend on how long you were gone, and how long you have had your animals, and really it is all up to you. What do you feel the most comfortable with?
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I think they would be happier at home. At home they would have everything that is familiar to them.

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At home is always the first choice for me. I think their routine should be disrupted as little as possible. Sure they will miss you but...they will be in a familiar place which won't make it quite so hard on them.
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Whenever I go away, I always have someone come in and take care of them. This way they're in their own environment with their on "stuff". Cats don't like change and can get depressed. It also depends on how long you'll be gone. If it's only for a day or two, leave the radio or tv on, put out a huge bowl of water and food and you should have no problem. If it's any longer, it's best to have someone come in.
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they will both be 10 day to 2 week vacations. even the place i board my dogs (who is great) says that cats are better off at home. i guess that is the way i will go. i will ask a close friend and a relative (who both live very close) to check in daily. that way they will see someone familiar get fresh food/water and clean litter boxes. i just feel bad leaving them..and asking someone to come scoop the poop!! thanks for the input...angel
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Hindthought. If possible have them check on your loves 2x per day. Also leave an old t-shirt out something you have worn, but not washed, it should have your sent on it for comfort. Best to you and you babies.
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I'll add my voice to the chorus: Leave your cats at their own home! But, make darned sure those who are supposed to watch after them are in fact doing so!

Make sure you have developed an ironclad schedule for the watchers, so that the cats aren't neglected because one watcher thinks the other one is watching — et cetera. Excuses can be a dime a dozen when it comes to animal watching!

Otherwise-reliable people can pull an "act dumb" routine at the drop of a hat, so it's your responsibility to make sure stupid excuses ("My husband wanted me to watch a television program with him," et cetera) will not be tolerated.

And, insist upon paying (with actual money up front) those who will be doing the watching! That eliminates a lot of excuse-making; and if you can afford two vacations in a row, you can afford to "pony up" for the sake of your cats.

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I'll sing with the chorus here. At home would be the best for the kitties. 10 days to 2 weeks in a kennel would be very stressful.

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I am adding my voice in unison with everyone else...home, home, home is the best place for cats. I have a dear friend who looks in on my cats every day when I am away. I leave her food for supper and she spends an hour or so visiting with my babies while she has her supper. Sometimes she stays there for the evening and watches TV. Once when we came back from our trip she had fallen asleep on the couch. I agaree that you have to have someone you can be sure comes, though. Once we had a friend look in on our cats for a 4 day period while we were away. When these friends went on their vacation, I not only looked in on their dogs, but actually stayed at the house for the whole week, since dogs require so much more care. Well, when it came time for them to care for our crew....they didn`t even stop by once in the whole 4 days. Now I am more careful who I have watch my furry family
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Yes...I agree.....your babies would be better off at home, and more comfortable with their surroundings.
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