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My House.

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My Step Dad Ian moved out today and he's taking our big german shepard girl, Soul with him for company, she's going tomorrow. He took a bit of our stuff and mum & I have been busy cleaning all day , because our landlord is coming in for an inspection on Friday, We have ben renting this house for 5-6 months and we were going to move because James was going to sell our, 4 bedroom, 2 storey, fully fenced , private street ( WITH VET and supermarket) , lil beauty, and only 5 minz away from my college, but he's letting us keep it WOOOHOO, we wouldn't want our cats and old doggy to have to get used to another house.., Anyway in the cats room there is a cat "poop" stain on the floor and we have tried every carpet product to remove it and it still wont come out, do you have any home type suggestions that will work????? Will our steam cleaner take off the stain?

Also , Since he's basically going to be looking in every corner, do you have any thoughts on what we must clean, like lil bits we might miss?????

Thanks for any help . I'm sad Ian has left, but I'm glad we can stay here
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Do you have OxyClean there? Its great for organic stains such as a pet stain.

No advice on what to clean, I've never had an inspection like that before. I would think though to just be sure you have the floors, baseboards, windows, walls, and any carpet in good shape.

Good luck!
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Haven't heard of it.......

Thanks , I'm writing everything I need to clean down.
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Sam, I dug out my Queen of Clean book. BTW, I recommend this book! Very helpful!
Here is what it says:
Wet the spot (if it is dry) with a bit of water. Sprinkle a heavy coating of baking soda on the area and allow it to dry. The soda will absorb moisture and digestive acids. Once the area is dry, remove with paper towels or vacuum the are, removing all of the mess that will come up. Vacuum very thoroughly to remove the baking soda. Then and only then, you should grab the rag & the cleaner. Use your favorite carpet spotter, follwing the directions carefully. Remember to blot rather than rub.
If any discoloration remains after cleaning, try applying either undiluted lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore. Let it soak on the stain for 15 minutes and then blot. If the sport is still visible, apply again, watching carefully to be sure that there are no changes in the carpet color. If you need a more aggressive treatment, mix lemon juice and cream of tartar into a thin paste. Apply to the spot, let dry and then vacuum up. When done with any of these procedures, rinse the carpet with cool water.

My own suggestion is getting the carpets steam cleaned. I've done that in the past with good results.
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Sam ,check for dust on the pipes under sinks and behind the potty.Sometimes if you mix tide and vinger and ammomina add it to your steam cleaner it will take out those stain's.1 cup of each,then add hot water. Good luck.
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Thank you for that helpful advice Shell, I Have just wet the spot must be about [_________________________________________________] that big and then coated it in Baking Soda, I'll let it dry and then Vacuum it

We have a steam cleaner so I'll try that later, It's at Nana's house at the moment, so we will have to get that back sometime.

I beleive in home remedies as sometimes the commercial stuff can harm my animals.

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Thanks Also Sherral, Pipes always gather fluff, I'm writing that down.. THANK YOU

I'll try that mixture with the Steam Cleaner also ...
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Thats the one thing I love about this book. It tells you the right products to use or things that you can use that you already have at home. Plus, she has a section of things that are harmful to pets and tells you if something is petfriendly.
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Neat!!!!!!! I must look for that Book.
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I got it at Walmart. It's a huge hard backed book and it cost about $15. It's worth it though. It has so many tips and great ideas!
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Wow! That's cheap! We don't have Walmarts over here

heehee Mums out mowing the lawns ..LOL
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Sam can you mom afford to hire a maid for a day? They will come in and clean everything top to bottom and leave it all looking brand new!
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We have had a maid for the last 5 years, she came 4 days a week, our house is normally really clean anyway so we decided to dismiss her, plus house work is fun, well not exactly fun but kills time and it's soooooooooo nice to come home to a clean house,right?!

Thanks Mary Anne
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hissy that is what we did when we were in the Army and were leaving for a new station,the army is really tough!Ever thing had to be spotless!
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Wowie! Sheral were you in the army!!!!???'

That's so cool
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No Sorry Ted was,but I lived a lot of places. following him around!
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Oh Ok! That's still cool though! Have you lived in alot of countrys?
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We have lived in Germary, Texas,Louisiana,Kentucky,Pennsylvana,and now New York
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Wow Sherral! Cool?
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Well the inspection went really really well! We can stay here! *Yus* He wasn't really worried about much he was a little angry that the Security system was coming off the wall well when you have a house full of 's sheeeesh. Mum didn't have time to steam clean but when I got back the house looked real 'good'.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK SHELL for her great tips, no kitty poop stains on our floor no more you rock girl!

Thanks everyone! it went well
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I was just going to ask if my tips worked! Did it take it all out? Just curious cuz I never actually tried that specific tip from the book. That book is wonderful!

YAY! I'm so glad that inspection went good for you guys!
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It sure did you couldn't even notice it

Thanks, I'm glad we can still live here for the while anyway
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Yay!!! You and Shell should bottle that concoction and call it PoopBeGone!! Good job Sam!!! ROTFL!!
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LOL I just spit pepsi on my monitor!
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Originally posted by sherral46
LOL I just spit pepsi on my monitor!
ROTFL!! Sherral, I have done that more times than I care to count! OK, Shell, what does the book say about cleaning Pepsi off of minitors?

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Ummm...I'd have to look it up!

I'd suggest getting a plastic film that fits over your monitor, so you could easily clean up Pepsi or any other liquid off it!
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PoopBeGone? Kim...You're so damn creative it's scary!
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ROTFL! If you need a label design, just holler, Shell!!
This will give me a good reason to use my Poo Filter in Photoshop - LOL!
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