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I have.......

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Not 1 but 2 ear infections. Yeah I'm so blessed. Two winters ago I had the same problem and had to go to the specialist. He blew novicain up my nose then opened my nostral up to the size of a grapefruit and took this suction thing and vacuumed out my eustian(sp?) tube. Thats the tube that drains from your ears to your throat. The procedure was so odd, I had never had novicain before and it made my whole nose mouth facey area numb, needless to say I was drooling and slurring.

So next week I will be going to see him again, I'm ever so flipping excited!!!!!

Ever have any funny "procedures" done on you??????????????
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That sounds rather odd! Good luck with the next visit!

I've never had any strange procedures done, but it did have a weird thing happen with novacaine. A couple of months ago, I had some cavities filled. Well, the Dentist missed my gum and shot my TONGUE! That was a very weird feeling! I couldn't talk, I drooled every where and I didn't even know it! All he said was "Oops! Didn't mean to do that! I won't charge ya for that one!".
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OMG, that sounds horrible! I think if they had to vacuum anything out of my head they better knock me out first! Ewwwwwwwww

I have had some weird stuff done ,but nothing I care to share here! A little too graphic, and I don't think our male readers would enjoy it!
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same here!
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I've had an ear infection before. Not fun at all. I just had to take antibiotics though.
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I have had my ears suctioned out. It didn't hurt but, it felt funny.
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I had a patch put on my ear drum once talk about being sick,when I woke up the world was spinning and I got real sick,they knocked me right back out!
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