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Kitten Thrown from Car

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From CNN:

A man allegedly threw a kitten out his car window while driving down Interstate 275, and he was charged with one felony count of animal cruelty.

"This was a wanton and willful disregard of life," Assistant Prosecutor Robert Donaldson told the Detroit Free Press.

Carlos Eduardo Valladares-Guillen, 24, of Wixom, told police he found the kitten in the alley of his apartment complex and wanted to give it a home. The feline was to be a pet for his 5-month old daughter.

Authorities say that when Valladares-Guillen decided the kitten couldn't stay, he got in his car Thursday, drove down I-275 and threw the kitten out the window.

He pleaded not guilty to the animal cruelty charge and was freed on a $5,000 cash bond.

Livonia Detective Tim Larion said Valladares-Guillen admitted to killing the kitten after he was taken into custody.

"People have gone crazy over this case," said Sean Daigle, Valladares-Guillen's attorney. "He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

Valladares-Guillen faces up to four years in prison, a $5,000 fine and 500 hours of community service if convicted.
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what an idiot!! why not just take the cat to a shelter??
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Can someone please tell me what going to church and playing the guitar have to do with a wonton disregard for life? John Wayne Gacy was a church going man who loved playing a clown at children's parties.
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That is how I got my little Georgia. I saw a girl throw her out, over the top of her car, trying to hit the pond, I guess. Fortunately, it had been raining, and the ground was soft. I stopped, got out and called to her, and she came right over. She had obviously been socialized, even though she was only about a month old. I took her home for Fred to raise. He took her to the litter box, bathed her, and let her eat from his bowl.
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When Mark was 11, he came home, carrying a cat. His first words were, "Mom, let me explain." (He wasn't supposed to bring animals home.)

He had been waiting to cross the state highway, when someone threw the cat, out of a van. He was more concerned for the cat and didn't get the license number. Mark brought the cat home, for me to check over. Luckily, the cat wasn't hurt.

We were maxed out, with six cats but our local shelter had room for him. He did get a good home, on a ranch.
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How can a five month old baby look after a kitten?

And given the ability for this man to make such a consideration and judgement, perhaps he should be fully supervised while he is with his daughter.
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People who abuse animals should have their children checked for abuse.
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You are absolutely correct about checking to see if the child has been abused.
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Just when you thought you heard it all something sad like this comes up I know the area of 275 where it goes through Livona....it's 10 minutes from my house. It is a very busy area.....I hope he gets the maximum prison sentence for this cruel act.
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His 5 month old daugher ???? Since when do people buy pets for their INFANTS??? What an idiot!
"People have gone crazy over this case," said Sean Daigle, Valladares-Guillen's attorney
Well what did he expect, people to say "Oh well, it's just a cat...no big deal. Leave the church-going-guitar-playing father alone?" Ah...I don't think so! What a stupid thing to say. He obviously has no regard for an animal's life either. I hope this loser gets the maximum sentence and learns that hurting an animal can lead to just as serious a consequence as hurting a human. And that was an excellent point you made valanh.
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