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Ideas for breakfast??

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Does anybody have any ideas for me, for breakfast?? I'm really hungry and there is alot too choose from but I can't decide, any ideas????

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grill some smoked bacon and a banana (no I swear it caramalises and is great) and have on a pancake. YUM YUM!!!

My family think my taste in food and men sucks so you may just want to go with cornflakes??
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Awwwwwwww! Sounds yummy , I don't have bananas though! Never mind, I'll definitly keep that in mind next time I have breakfast , I love caramlisied bananas, we have them alot for desert!!!

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Well, I better go and be creative myself... LOL
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I'm cooking something so un-creative.

Breakfast Sausages with Lemon Pepper

& French Toast with Salt & Pepper and a big glass of coke... some grapes and cereal to wash it down with
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Sounds good! It's dinnertime here in PA, and I have no clue what I'm in the mood to have. I hate that, when you are hungry but you don't know what you're hungry for!
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True! Good Luck!

My meal is smothered in BBQ sauce
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mmm you guys are making me hungry
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I've been drinking a Protein Shake every morning for Breakfast. The first day was horrible because I didn't have any milk (I had to use water). Once I got the milk though, it taste just like a big glass of Chocolate Milk..only a little bit chunky!

It fills me up completely and I'm full until lunch time!
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how about french toast w/raspberry sauce?
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Mmmm sounds good Sherral and Shell , it's afternoon tea time here now!
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Fave breakfast of all time...pan fried mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce with big chunky slices of sourdough....mmmmmmm....
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If I wasn't on a diet I would say...SAUSAGE SAUSAGE SAUSAGE!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM and some nice fried hashbrowns to go with it!!!!

Gosh dang...now I'm hungry!!!
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Bill cooked biscuits & gravy with bacon and sausage, this morning. Loads of cholesterol but, its only once a week!
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awww yummy everyone, I'm going back to college today! and a piece of toast will do me!

thanks ya'll
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oatmeal with butter, brown sugar and some half n half Or melt some butter in a pan *Land O Lakes butter*, get some bread out and toast them in the pan. Afterwards, sprinkle gingerly with cinnamon sugar mix!!! Yum yummmm!!!! And of course a big cup of java!!
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