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Just wanted to share..

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I got Tiger when I was about 6, he was my first cat.. cute little orange and white ball of baby fluff.
He was about 16 when I noticed his legs falling out from under him alot, His legs got atrophied very fast and there wasn't much of anything the vet or I could do.
I was REALLY upset because he'd always been such a great guy, great with kids and so loveable. He just didn't seem ready to go. I ended up calling a pet psychic, even though my mother told me I was insane, and I was absolutely amazed when she described Tiger's symptoms and his personality exactly right.
She spoke to him for a little while and explained that if I wanted to know what he wanted done, I had to promise to follow through. I agreed and she told me that Tiger wanted to spend a few more days with me before moving on. It was really very moving, I cried alot and the lady (whose name I can't remember) was really nice and very helpful. She even sent me a tape of our talk but I havent listened to it.
The three days tiger and I spent together were just wonderful. I blocked off a partion of my room so my parrots would leave us alone and sat him on my bed. He had a soft pillow staircase to crawl down and food/water litterbox closeby. I laid with him and pet him, talked to him, held onto his paw, but mostly slept.
It was weird, I had these dreams that were just full of light and color and like, joy/happiness. It was like he was sharing a bit of himself with me. I'm not insane or anything, but we talked too. He wanted to be sure I'd be ok without him. Maybe it was just in my head, me trying to make myself feel better about what was going to happen, I don't know, but it felt real.
We went outside once, on the second day, and took a walk into the woods. I carried him until we got near a tree he'd always loved to climb and he seemed to want to try it so I put him down. He got himself a bit up the tree and I started telling him to stop bfore he got hurt.. but he just gave me this feeling, like.. 'I want to show you I can do this, I'm brave' and he made it up pretty high before I helped him down. Then we walked back.
I firmed down the snow with my feet to make a trail for him and he followed, very slowly, all the way back to the house. We spent the rest of the time hanging out and being happy together.
When I brought him to the vet he was a bit nervous, I felt like he was telling me he was afraid he would embarress himself, or something. So I kept telling him he'd be fine and that I'd be there with him the entire time.
I held him while they gave him a shot to keep him calm, and then the shot to stop his heart. I can't believe how fast it worked, he was there one second and gone the next. But I swear to god sometimes I see him, in the woods, in the house and always in my dreams.
That was about 3 years ago and since then I've been trying to communicate with my animals. I've only had limited success but its a wonderful way for me to spend time with them. Just wanted to share what I thought was a special goodbye
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Oh my GOD!!! You just made me cry so hard!!!! I am SO sorry about Tiger...but I am glad you had those last few days with him to enjoy him and spend quality time with him and say goodbye. My thoughts and prayers are with you...I know how you feel!!!!! Maybe Tiger and Merlin are playing together. *sniff*
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Tiger was lucky to have you as his mommy. It sounds like the two of you had a really special relationship. Bless you for being there in his final days.

RIP Tiger
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Thanks for sharing, that was very touching.
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