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Need help!

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What do you get a man for a 30th wedding anniversary? I am not sure what the idea for a 30th is.Any idea's?
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Yikes, Sherral, the 30th is either Pearls or Diamonds!
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Sherral with limited money, you should get him nothing at all. If this is your hubby then make him a coupon for a back rub, or something along that line, but if money is tight, do something homemade instead of buying something you can ill afford.
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Oh goodie He better buy me a diamond!!
Just kidding when there is no job,no gift's that cost a lot! I did buy him a praying hands tie,for church,he will have to live with that!
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Why not do something like write him a letter telling him all the good and happy memories you have of 30 years with him? Or maybe you could type it on the computer and print it out on really nice paper.
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I only paid 7 $ for the tie and I made him a card,I have the print shop. I like to make card,then I can say what I want. I thought I would make chichen & dumpling for dinner.I don't make it very oftern,I don't like it!
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Hissy I know nothing can be bought right.I bought the tie,and camera before we knew he was't getting anymore checks.I can't send them back.I bought them on e-bay.I wish I could.
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Ok I will stop mothering you now. I thought you were going out and getting him something big and expensive.
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Nope He get's his homemade card and tie,and his chicken & dumpling's!And I will eat them and be happy we are still together! I am not easy to live with (sometimes)
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You want to know whats really great? We were married only 3 months after we meet! And I was 18 he was 21,and they said we would't last a year!
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Sherral, thats great!!!
It's so heartwarming to see relationships go well. And at such a young age too
I met my fiance when i was 18 he was 19, i'm now 23 and we're still very happy together. And people are just the same with us.
I hope you have a great anniversary
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Thank you,it is Tuesday.
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Wow! Have a great day Sherral You could of printed out a nice picture of yourself and put it on a card and write him a poem or soemthing, never mind you have had the celebrations

Have a Good day!
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