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Keep Smiling!!!

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Hi everyone!
I'll keep it short as my Internet connection is piteous and yesterday I wasn't able to get into the Cat Site
I just want to wish you all a great day and....see you on Friday!!!
Love you guys!!!
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ahhhh!!! that was so sweet

thanks Billie & you have a wonderful thursday!
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Thanks for that! Take care and we'll catch up with you in a few days!

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thank you for that, it definitley made my day today! i am getting sick, darnit

how are you doing? hope all is well half a world away
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Thank you Billie! You are an absolute doll!!!!! And blue...I am sorry to hear you are getting sick....that sucks.
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Hi all!
Blue get well dear!!! And soon!!!
Everything is fine here, summer is coming in despite all the rain, I'm alive and healthy, my cat is healthy and my boyfriedn is by my side, my Internet is back to normal and I'm back at the CAT SITE... what more can one wish for!!!!!!
And Blue there is one for you: I'm sorry to put it in this thread but I'm very glad that you're getting your diploma. I remember how hard it was for me to get my university one and how relieved and happy I felt afterwards. That's the spirit wonderful, keep it up and I want you to know that at the other side of the wordl there's someone that cares for you!
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if that isnt just the sweetest thing, thank you so much, angel :angel2:

i am feeling better, thank you for caring, i think it's allergies, i've never been
alergic to anything before, but, for the last few days i literally couldnt stop sneezing!

so happy your internet is working and you're back!
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I'm glad too Blue it has now become so much of my daily routine and I awfully miss having a computer at home!!!
Love you and have a great day!
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