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how much catnip?

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How much catnip can you give a cat in one day? I have these little catnip drops that Otis and Willow are just crazy about, but it doesn't say how much or little you should give in one sitting and I would hate to overload them.

Can you give a cat too much catnip in one day? How much is too much?
Any advice very welcome.
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I think it would be safe to say you could give them a couple drops maybe twice a day.

You could give them catnip filled toys too for the whole day. Zoey loves her boogie mat and Kirby Sticks!
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I find that if you give your cats catnip too much too often.....they will get sick of it and you will not get as good of a reaction out of the cat. I give my 3 cat some once or twice a week only.
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I have about a half acre of catnip growing wild in my back fields. I regularly snip off fresh leaves and bring it in for my babies. Some will eat 3-4 whole leaves (a whole leaf is about 1 inch in diameter), some will roll in it, and some will sniff and walk away.

I've never seen a bad reaction from it. They get a little spunky for a while, run like mad then fall asleep hard for a few hours. I don't know how much of the catnip drug is in a drop, but I've probably given more than that with whole fresh leaves.....

I hope they are enjoying it!
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I don't think your cat can overdose on catnip... Moderation is the best policy though...

I did however read about a cat who got into his cat nip plant which was usually off limits and stayed rooted to the spot inside a pot of cat nip staring blankly for 3 hours! and this was in a pretty reputable book so i don't doubt the truth behind the story...

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