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I have a question

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The manager of my apartment building has an Orange Tabby. What's unusual about him, is that he has a part or hair seperation going all the way down his back. His fur is as soft as velvet, unlike any fur I've ever felt on a cat before. Anyway, is this part or seperation indicative of any particular breed of cat? I just don't think he is a regular tabby, but I don't know what breed of cat he could also be mixed with.
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I'm not sure, Could you get picture?
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I can get a picture, but I can't scan it right now. She tells me her cat is a Marbled cat. I've never heard of that breed, has anyone else?
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i think marble is a fur pattern. instead of the stripes going up and down they kinda swirl.
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Tabby Pattern, Like Classic,Spotted,Mackeral .. Snow is my fave color that goes with marble cats, check out bengals they normally exhibit the marble pattern nicely!

If you can get a picture, do, if you can't don't worry!
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Well to me, he looks just like a regular Orange Tabby, like Morris the cat. The thing that is unusual about this cat, is the part or seperation of hair that goes down the middle of his back.
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Morris the cat?
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ya, Morris. The one from the cat food commericials. I think it's 9 Lives
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