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What breed is my cat?

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I'm trying to figure out what breed my cat is.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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Well to me, he looks like a domestic shorthair, but I am by no means an expert.
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I too am not an expert about cats, but aren't all black short hair cats like this one have Siamese in them? Or is that myth?

Either way, Bear is beautiful! What a gorgeous shiny coat!
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Oh, and Bear's a she
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I agree Bear is beautiful. What beautiful green eyes she has.
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I would say she is a lovely domestic shorthair, and not a real defined breed, like Birman or Ragdoll...or? She just looks like a beautiful cat possibly a stray that got lucky to be adopted!
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awwww looks just like my sebastion! The little white dot and all
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OMG Bear is the female version of my boy Otis Blue. She is so beautiful. And I would agree domestic short haired. So Pretty!!!
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Gorgeous!!! I also agree that she is a domestic shorthair.
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Yep could be the Sammycat's long lost sister He did have a sister in the litter with a tail. Bear is a beauty
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Domestic Shorthair, got it
Thanks for all the kind words too
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Definitly a Domestic. Gorgeous Kitty though!

HUGS to Bear
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Awww...Bear looks just like Russell to me. Absolutely gorgeous.

Russell is a Domestic Shorthair....or in general terms a Moggie.

And he does have some Burmese in him, not that it helps with clarifying the myth.
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