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Sneezing and sleeping alot

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We have three cats, two boy tabbies: Tigger and Apollo, and our girl Gizmo, is a tabby mixed with (ok i have no idea how to spell it) oscolot.

Our baby girl is the one that's sick. She started acting weird a week ago. She has sneezing fits, sneezing 20 times or more in a row. It's off and on, more so at night. At first, she acted weird, but was still eating and sleeping normally.

My other half took her to the vet. He said she's got allergies and an ear infection, so she's got some eardrops. Now she's sleeping a lot more than normal and seems weak when she's awake. She's eating, but now quite as much as normal.

The Vet's office seemed to not take it so seriously and honestly I wonder about the quality because they wouldn't take my check and Deanna had $70, it was kind of like "here's what you can get for $70" treatment. She got her shots too.

Obviously I'm still concerned. Should I get a second oppinion? Does ear infections and allergies usually make a cat sleep alot and act weak?

Oh yeah, our baby's real mom died when she was only 2 days old, and Deanna had to feed her with an eye dropper and she's always been small. Could that have affected her this way? Having allergies etc. She always has a runny eye.

Thanks for any advise.
Kristy and Deanna
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I would take her to another vet ASAP. Doesn't sound like thta vet was doing a very good job.
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Hmm I might add that you might want to look into finding another vet if that one offered poor or lax service. Most vets take payments.
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Thank you both for responding. Wow, you have a lot of cats! I've decided if she's not at least improving by Monday, she'll get a second opinion.

Have you known a cat to sleep alot from allergies or from an ear infection?

How do you get those pictures of your cats on the message like that?

Kristy and Deanna
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