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Cruel people in this world

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There are some really cruel and heartless people in this world and it makes me sick. Yesterday my mother went to drop her three Cocker Spaniels off at the groomer and in the shop they had kittens they were trying to find homes for. There was only one left, an absolutely adorable orange and white kitten. The owner of the groomer shop said they found the box of kittens earlier that morning out by the garbage dumpster and brought them inside. This kitten that was left is so young it hardly has teeth and its eyes are still that blue that they are before they change color. It fits in the palm of your hand, it really should still be with its mother. My mother after thinking about it all day, decided to take the kitten home. She's making an appointment today at the vet to have it checked out. Looking at this kitten I have to wonder what kind of person can take a little kitten that is so young away from its mother and leave it in a box with others out by a garbage can. At least now it has a good home.
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Nothing surprises me anymore. But like you said at least the kitten has a good home now.

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Bookitty; I agree with Michelerad; sadly, "Nothing SURPRISES me anymore" Your mother is an for taking this young kitten into her and taking it to a vet to make sure she can help it in the "right ways". I am so thankful that "Truly Good People" do exhist to help counter-ballance the CRUELITIES of this sad, sick World. . . .
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I agree with Michelerad. Nothing surprises me either. At least your mother was kind enough to take the baby home and make sure it's okay. She may have to bottle feed it for a while. Whoever did that to those poor babies is truly unhuman.
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My personal opinion is that some people are to LAZY to take care of their pets and have them spayed and neutered.
It makes me sick the things I hear about people doing! Why don't the grow up and realize that they are taking on a living breathing thing and not something that when it grows up or has babies can be tossed out into the streets to live out it's life frightened and alone!?
Please forgive me if I offended anyone but it is the way I feel and I get VERY angry when I hear about things like this!
On the other hand, your mom sounds like a WONDERFUL to have taken the kitten home and I will always think of her as a !
I hope she has MANY wonderful years with her new found friend!
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Indeed it is tragic that so many innocent and wonderful kittens (and baby animals everywhere) often die in loneliness and misery. Yet, at the same time, people such as you and your mother are amongst us!

Thus, although it may be that clouds of agony and suffering often obliterate the sun, from time to time a beautiful silver lining appears. Today that is you and your mother — and perhaps someone else, somewhere, who is also compassionate and takes pity on defenseless creatures.

Thank you for saving a life today!

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People dump off babies they don't want. Why should you expect them to be any more humane to animals? I hope your mom enjoys her newly-found treasure.
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Boo....I am so glad your mother took that poor baby home, it just sickens me that someone would do that to them!!!
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It makes me sad to think that people in this world can be so cruel. I found my cat Buttons in a dumpster and I just don't understand why this happens. I am glad to know that this little kitty will have a good home .
If my pocketbook was as big as my heart I would try to save all the kitties I could.
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