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And now stormy has it!!!

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Well every has/ will have the kitty cold going around. I kept them all apart, blocked AC vents, and washed my hands and they are still all sick!! Neo, sebastion, moemoe and stormy are on amoxi drops. Sebastion is on an eye gel and moemoe is one eye drops. UGH! This is just crazy! I just hope they all get better and quickly. Does anyone know how long it takes for kitty cold to go away?
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On no! I do hope that Stormy gets over this stuff soon! I bet you're ready to pull your hair out!
Sending "get-well-soon-kitties" vibes!
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Sorry to here about your sick fur kids. One cat being sick is bad enough...but 3-4 at a time is too much for "mom" to handle. Hope they get well soon.
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My vet said that URIs are VERY contagious among kittens and dangerous too. Be careful!
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Very contagious is the understatment of the year. These things are soooooooooooo contagious it is INSANE!!!!! I have extra amoxi drops on hand so if anyone else starts with the snotty sneezing i can give it to them.
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Val are you using grapefruit seed extract at all? When we got Romeo back in March, he had a URI, and that was when I started to add the GSE to the cats' water. There was some sneezing for a week, but no one got the full-blown URI and soon the house was sneeze-free.
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i'm having a hard time finding gse. But I'm going to do some looking for it today. I can't beleave everyone is sick!
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I found it at The Vitamin Shoppe. I think GNC carries it too, you could also try health food stores.
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There is only one problem when you have that many cats. When one get's sick, they ALL get sick! When I had 14 cats, Mimi got a cold and Vader got an eye infection. Within days, all of my cats were sick! It took forever to get them all back to their normal health. With 6 cats, they are all doing great!

I hope your babies get better! They are all so healthy looking! I am sure it will clear up soon, just relax and try not to worry to much.

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Rich is going to GNC right now to pick some up. Sebastion seems to be almost better. He is sneezing once a day.

Alittle off subject: I looked in his mouth and he still has kitten teeth! The adoption paper said he was 10 weeks old but I thought they were wrong because he is as big as nimby. I think he is going to be one HUGE baby!
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Are you sure the vet didn't trick you into adopting a black panther?
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the vet asked if I was feeding him mircale kitty grow He said he got ALOT bigger since left the office

Okay I have the gse we got it at haars. Now how much to I put in the the water bowl? It is a BIG water bowl.
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We have the drinkwell fountain with the reservoir, and we add 3 drops. A large water bowl should be about the same amount of water. Maybe try two drops first, and next time add three?
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Hi I went through the same thing a few months ago. Got a new kitty she had a bad bad cold, but with all the isolation/prevetnion all cats still got sick.

I would put the gse in their wet food, and if you aren't feeding them wet food, give them a spoon or two twice a day with the GSE mixed real well (1-2 drops per cat, even those with no symtoms!)

some don't like the taste in the water and drinking and eating are of most important to help get a kitty over the flu. get stinky wet food so they won't know the difference! (at least get a diferent flavor than what they are used to, so they won't notice the GSE)
good luck and I know how tough it is to have sick kitties!
Keep making sure to wipe any discharge from eyes and nose, that everyone is eating/ drinking well, and just let them rest as much as possible!
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