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I am going on Holiday

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Right I was hoping to get a little bit of imput and a few suggestions from members based in the USA.

I am going to be flying the 'The Big Apple'......Yep my dream of going to New York has come true, I will be there for 1 week although it will be 1 long week of shopping and sightseeing - so if you are in New York and you see a snap happy tourist taking pictures of everything from the Statue of Liberty to hot dog vendors to cabs then chnaces are that is me.

Right the suggestions/imput I need is that I need to travel from New York to Seattle (my aunt is getting married) I have checked flights on the internet and they are really expensive like $900 plus. If anyone has any suggestions about cheaper flights or alternative ways of getting there then if you could let me know that would be great.

I am sooooooo excited about traveling. I am leaving Dubai July 28th and I am already thinking of packing my suitcase.
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My only suggestion would be for you to check with CheapAirlines.Com at URL http://www.cheapairlines.com. Next month I'm flying (on an airplane as it turns out) from Portland in Oregon to Detroit in Michigan — and back — for about US$300, thanks to CheapAirlines.Com!

Mind, should you choose to use CheapAirlines.Com and something goes wrong don't even think about blaming me. But, hey, it's cheap!

Naturally, if you wouldn't object to spending the bulk of your vacation sitting next to those ex-convicts so many young women find "fascinating," you might consider taking the bus. (That's a really-bad idea, by the way.) Hitch-hiking, which was all part of being cool and trendy back in the late 1960s and early 1970s here in the U.S.A., isn't a good idea either.

Try CheapAirlines.Com and let us know what you find out!

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How long will you be in NY for? Hubby's just been there for one day so he doesn't have any special recommendations (he says London is a much nicer place and more fun to be in).

I would go to see the Dony-Imax theatre. It's on 68th st. & Broadway. Check out their website on www.sonyimax.com. I would also try the Ny Skyride on the second floor of the Empire State building. These are probably considred to be "kids attractions" but they sound the most fun to me!
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Amanda.... I have never been to New York....so no suggestions here, but I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know all about it when you get back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for your help, Mr. Cat I will check that site out today. I have been warned to not take the bus I was told that it is dangerous!

Anne London is a cool place to visit but not a good place to live, well that is my opinion anyways.....I lived there for 2 years and hated it! I will check out Dony-Imax theatre and the Skyride.

I cannot wait to go if between now and then anyone hears of anything please please let me know. Otherwise I will have to keep a diary and post it to all when I return
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Check out NYCTourist.Com, at URL http://www.nyctourist.com/! It's the official New York city web-site for tourists. Mind, I was born there and would love to see the place again myself; but that's not in the cards. So, say "Hello!" to New York city for me!

Anyway, study that web site — and go see what you want to see! (When I was a kid, my two favorite places were the Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo. But that was back in the 1940s, so there's no doubt all manner of nifty new places to see!)

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have a wonderful time!! i cant help you out as i dont live in the USA nor have i been anywhere near
NYC (passes out) i cant even imagine it! but, i hope you have an amazing time,
i cant wait to hear all about it

but the cheapflights.com is a good idea
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Well I have checked out all your web sites and I have finally booked a flight on a new airline called JetBlue. The ticket is about US$250 return and listen to this this is what the price of the flight include:
Large leather executive seats
Alcoholic beverages
Light snacks
WooHoo sounds like I will be flying in luxury.....well lets hope he seats are as yum as they say they are. I am flying directly from Dubai to JKF and that is something like a 15 hour direct flight!

Will of course let you all know the holiday happenings
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Happy landings!


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