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Love this picture - Izzy

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So very Izzy - chaos all around yet she's staring adoringly up at me, wanting to know if she gets to be an "uppie puppy"

(That brown blur is Macey's leg as she's zooming around the house 100 MPH)

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Izzy is so darn cute .

I love her cute little haircut. She looks adorable. My dogs (a toy fox terrier and a rat terrier mix) look at me the same way and it gets me every time. I adore my cats, but my dogs are special in their own way. The way they look at me and react toward me make me melt every time. And, it looks like your little Izzy has the same effect on you. Ack, just looking at her pic makes me want to pick her up and snuggle her. I'm telling you, if she were my pup, I'd never be able to put her down. She's just precious. Really, she is.

Thank you for sharing this pic. It definitely made me smile. And, now I've just scooped my own dog up and am cuddling her. Izzy turned me to mush and now my poor dog has a mommy whose a crazy, baby-talking fool .
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Oh my GOODNESS! That face! How could you possibly resist?!?
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