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Too many emotions tonight...Good news though!:)

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For the past month or so, my brother Marc has been working on a Demolition Derby Car (for those who don't know what this is, it is like "bumper cars" only with REAL cars & ALOT more DANGEROUS!). After much blood, sweat and tears we got that beast up and ready for tonights mission.
I love that kid (he's my only sibling) and I can not describe how proud I was of him. I know it's only a minor thing, but he worked so hard at this. He started this project not knowing a single thing about cars and what makes them run. Seeing him in that car banging around scared the living $^#@ outta me! I was so scared that he would get hurt or that the car would catch on fire. I've lost my voice almost completely from all the screaming I did. I do have to admit, I kinda lost my temper at one of the other drivers. I don't lose my temper very often, but I cut loose tonight. The number 57 car rammed Marc's car in the DRIVERS door! For one, that is against the rules and two...it was a cheap shot! The judges didn't even bat an eye over it...until the stupid guy did it again to another car! Fortunately, he got black flagged and was disqualified! When they announced it, I cheered! I'm such a Witch! The minute it was all over, I ran to the Pits and made sure he was ok. He does have quite a few bumps, bruises and a swollen wrist (from that door incident!). Nothing bad enough to visit a Dr. though. I'm sure he'll definitely feel it tomorrow!

Anyway...sorry to ramble on. He finished with 3rd place and won $150! He does have to split the money with 3 other guys, but since he's the one who did most of the work & put in the most money he gets $75 of that. The other guys only get $25. Too bad he didn't win...the prize for 1st was $750 buckaroos!

I took lots of pictures, but I don't have a digital camera. So, I'll be turning in my film tomorrow and will be putting them on a disk so I can download them on my PC. I'll post them when I get them back on Friday (Such a long time!).
I just had to share Marc's demo story with you all! I'm so proud of him!
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Way to go Marc 3rd is nothing to sneeze at for a demolition derby. Those can get to be really rough. Tell you brother that he did a good job from the Blondiecat
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hey shell,
glad to hear that he's ok with some bumps and knocks...I know how it feels when the one you care abt does dangerous things and i'm just glad it turned out fine!
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Thanks Guys! He's tickled pink right now! I think he shocked himself with the turn out!
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glad to hear hes okay shell, and dont blame for being upset at that fool for that cheap shot, that would make anyone mad, 3rd place thats not bad, was this his first race? sounds like the car held up okay, he must of did o good job
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Whoa! Glad to hear your brother is in one piece! That would scare the crap out of me too! I don't think I could watch. Congratulations to your brother!
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shell check you PM"S
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Yeah, this was his first time! Actually his entire crew were rookies!
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Woo! Congratulations to your brother! And I'm glad to hear he's okay... I can't imagine how scary that would have been to watch.
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Wow! Congrats to your brother!
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Originally posted by Tybalt
There's no grand prize, the survivors just exchange insurance information.
Ty, you cracked me up! It's too bad that people drive like that!

Last night after his first heat (he got to run twice) and after almost having a heartattack, I called him on his cell phone. I first asked if he was ok and then I asked "You were being too nice out there! You need to get aggressive! This is only time we want you to drive with Road Rage!!!".
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I finished my roll of film today and turned it in. I should be getting it on Thursday (I thought it would have been Friday!). I was shocked at what was left of that car. Since it was dark when we got home on Friday night, I couldn't really tell how bad the car looked. OMG! He didn't have a trunk at all! Everything was pushed up into the back seat! I'm surprised that he walked out of there virtually unhurt because by looking at that beast I couldn't believe it.

Marc is still pretty sore and a little bit bruised. He's got a nice bruise on the top of his nose. Strange spot...not sure how he managed that one! Thankfully he had on an old Motorcycle helmet...I'd hate to see his cute face all bruised or worse. Here's a pic of him & Mom from his HS graduation. He's such a cutie! Shhh..don't tell him I said that. He'd kill me!
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hey shell,

he sure looks cute! is he attached??
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Nope! Very single at the moment!
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hmmmmm...that sounds nice....hehehehehe
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