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missing cat

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I am still a nervous wreck. I went to our farmers market last night, was in a hurry and when I got home realized I had not shut the back door all the way. I looked all over the house and no cat, it was dark so I got a flash light and went to the neighbors yards, all around the block and nothing. No one had heard him crying, so I had hope that perhaps someone close by had picked him up. I could not sleep, I would go to the door and call him. This morning I was going to look again, and put up flyer's. I hit the door opener for the garage, walked inside and the thought crossed my mind maybe he is in here, I had checked last night and could not find him, but I just had a feeling, I heard a meow ohhhh I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear that sound, he might have been behind the washer or dryer I guess it does not matter I had found him.
He was very glad to see me, and was very hungry.
I gave him a bath, just in case he could have picked something up.
If something had happened to him it would have been my fault.
Suffice to say I will double check all my doors from now on.
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What a scare...Glad he's OK!
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I'm just so glad you found him..lotsa owners who lose their pets dun find them back....
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wow what a close call, i am so happy that you found him, when i was reading this i could feel myself worry also, sounds weired but i hate for someone to lose their kitty because i know how i would feel, just knowing their out there scared to death and missin you.
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Whew! Glad you found the little furball! He was probably scared too! I would go crazy if I thought Peaches got out.
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thank God you found him,I bet he dosn't go out again!
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I would seriously freak out X 1000000 if I ever lost Zoey.

I'm SO glad you found your kitty.
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Glad this story had a happy ending.
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Thanks everyone,
I am still thinking of all the things that could have happened to him.
I am paranoid of opening the door now. I think he was in the garage all night, I guess it did not bother him as I heard now a meow.
Last night I would imagine him getting hit by a car, or if he had gone a few blocks going into the foothills, then he would have been at the mercy of the wildlife.

I know you can all relate to how I felt when I picked him up after this long night.
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I'm glad you found your little guy. I'm sure he was as relieved to see you as you were to see him.
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I just now saw this and I'm so glad you found your missing cat!

My Snowball has always been an indoor only cat, and I know if he ever accidently got outside it would a very terrifying experience for him.
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I'm so glad the story had a happy ending. Rotten feeling while you're waiting...

I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I'll say it anyway: I hope those people who DO keep their kitties in, don't rely completely on their never getting out. That is, if this kitty hadn't been in the garage, but had been wandering around the neighbourhood, would the neighbours have known him? Did he have ID? Would a person who found him have had any way of getting in touch with his human?

If yes, then great! But I wonder how many people say, Oh he doesn't go out, why does he need ID? Well, this case, to my mind, amply demonstrates why. Doors don't always get securely shut, no matter how good our intentions. Kitties do get spooked from time to time and God alone knows where they'll decide to squirt to when they do. And an indoor kitty is at a further disadvantage in that he is not familiar with the outdoors.

Just a thought....
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