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pet cemetery

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i went to West Virgina today, and on the way to where i was going there was a pet cemetery, we got out and walked around, this place was really big, it was sad to see all those beloved pets there, and to know they were loved so much to be put there, they had head stones just like people do, i had never seen a pet cemetery before, that is such a great thing, wished we had one closer to me. has anyone elese seen one? what do you think of the idea? i my self like it.
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I think it is a good idea as long as the prices of using the pet cemetary isn't like for humans.....Expensive! Where I work there is a grave marker behind what used to be the garage now it is a warehouse for all of the old files, anyway there is a marker back there that has the name Megan on it. We at the office assume that it was a beloved pet.

When I first saw the title of this thread the only thing I could think about was the book and the movie Pet Semetary, by Stephen King one of my very favorite authors.....spooky
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yea i know, when i started it i thought of that also, it was a good movie, i dont have any idea what they charge, there wasnt anyone there to ask, does anyone on here have any idea?
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We're fortunate enough to have a specialty cat clinic in town. They have a pretty memorial garden where you can have your cat buried if you want. It's very nice.

I don't know what they charge, though. My rainbow bridge cats were cremated.
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we have one in town. Also at our ASPCA they have a "memory trail" You donate money to them and they get a stone engraved with your pets name and place it on the walk way. It is a nice way to help the aspca raise money and a nice way to remember you pet.

My husband and I have our own little pet resting spot in the back yard. It is really hard to even think about it, but it is very pretty. He puts mulch down on top and does a brick square outline. Dixie (doggie), Isadora (kitty), Cally, hally, and maui (kittens), and blackie, arnie, gilbert, and bubbles (fancy goldfish) are out there :balwing:
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some really nice things for pets, i never knew, thats a good idea about making your own, the pets i've lost are buried at my mom and dads behind the storage building, i put flowers there, and cry everytime i do. i also like the mem. trail.
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My RB cat Sasha is buried here:


Its a beautiful place in Napa.
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Wow....Sicycat...what a cool place to bury a loved one. I never seen anything like that in Michigan.
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my Last cat Merlot (hence the name) is buried in my back garden. I dug the hole myself and nearly broke my back, but anyway none of the other cats will go near where he is burried. It was his favorite place to sit and play which is why I chose it. But the others won't even go near to it, not my cats or any of the others in the area that play in the garden!!! spooky.
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They have them in Germany, my husband buried his dog there. Kind of creepy if you ask me
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Tucson has a pet cemetery. Back in the early '80s, River Road was widened and developers bought the pet cemetery. They contacted all of the people, who had paid for perpetual care, and told them that they had to remove their pets or thry would be sent to the landfill.

A lawsuit ensued and, finally, East Lawn (people) cemetery donated part of their grounds for pets and the developer paid for relocation.

Most of the people that I know cremate their pets and either bury them on their property or scatter the ashes.

Bill's sister had their mom's cat cremated and slipped the container into her casket. What the cemetery doesn't know, won't hurt them.
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