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How to Clean a Fiberglass Shower

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When we built our house in 2002 we bought shower and tub units made by Aquaglass. At that time, they made a 3 step cleaning package consisting of cleaner, cleaner and polish and wax. The cleaner was used, then the cleaner and polish, and if necessary, the wax. I didn't have to use the wax much since my units were new. This stuff smelled strong, but cleaned off the soap scum, just spray on and wipe it off. Well wouldn't you know last year they stopped making it and suggested no substitute to clean with. In a brainstorm, I decided to try the boat cleaner and polish my husband uses on his boat. Works just as good. It is a fiberglass cleaner and polish. Try it for soap scum. Its great.
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What's the brand name?
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Hubby and I have an Enameled Cast Iron tub with a fiberglass surround for a shower. After we shower every night (we are welders and can't go to bed dirty), we dry the shower out and then once a week, hubby uses Eagle One spray wax on the surround and bleaches out the tub. Once or twice a year, he uses a regular car wax to really give the shower a good water resistance. Any spots of soap scum can be removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser while the shower is wet.
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I have an aqua glass whirlpool tub and just use a bathroom cleaner. In the past I've used the brand name product "Gel Gloss" that one can find at most hardware stores.
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Oxiclean works great, but be careful, because it leaves the surface slippery.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
What's the brand name?
It is in a blue can. The name is Nauticare Liquid Performance Boat & PWC Cleaner and Polish. It works great. The floor of my shower is crinkled so it would not be slick. I think if you use this on a slick bottom, it needs to be wiped off real good when you finish. But it works great for me.
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I'm about ready to take an axe to DH's shower stall! I HATE cleaning that thing. He gets grimy in his line of work, so he can't help it, but whatever that junk is, it's the devil to clean. The finish is fiberglass (or plastic???), and pebbly in texture. It was very nice and clean when we moved in, so you can get it clean. And the doors. I hate the doors. They're pebbled safety glass, and the soap scum is awful. We have to take them off the track, haul 'em downstairs, out to the driveway, put them on sawhorses, and scrub them with bleach repeatedly.

I do have a trick for the floor of the stall, though: dampen the floor; sprinkle on a small box of powdered dishwasher detergent (the cheap stuff is fine). Dampen that slightly; let it sit for at least 20 minutes; the longer, the better. Rinse off. You may have go in, and scrub it first, though.

Give me a tub with a vinyl shower curtain liner any day! At least I can wash that periodically (which I do, 4 times a year). If it gets any mildew, I spray bleach spray (WalMart, about $1) on it; I let it sit (no rubbing needed), and, within a few hours, the mildew is gone. (I have the tub/shower curtain in my bathroom, in case you're wondering.)
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