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Need help

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Does anyone else have cats and dogs with a doggie door? Have you found a way to keep the cats inside? Mine have discovered the door and I am scared he will get into the road. So far so good but a couple times he went towards the road, once clear across. Mittens mostly stays on the deck in back maybe going down into the dog yard occasionally.
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There are dog doors available that only open when an animal wearing a magnetic "key" on their collar tries to open the door. I found one site, here:


I did an internet search using the words "dog door and collar". Perhaps you can find something that could help you.
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No, I'm sorry... I don't have any ideas for you besides what Christy mentioned.

I do have a pet door though... but I have it on my bedroom door. I like sleeping with it closed, but I can't possibly lock Spike out. I think he just might have me wrapped around his little paw.
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